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CES Highlight: In Bidding War, T-Mobile Offers $650 to AT&T, Verizon & Sprint Customers

Source: T-Mobile

Source: T-Mobile

Last week we announced that AT&T will pay up to $450 to T-Mobile customers if they switch providers.  This week, T-Mobile issued their own aggressive offer: “Break up with your carrier and get up to $650 per line” ($300 per phone line, plus $350 per phone line to cover early termination fees).  This is the latest in the tug of war between these two wireless competitors, who only two years ago considered a merger of equals.

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Source: CNET editor (@RogerWCheng)

CNET news editor Roger Cheng with T-Mobile CEO John Legere

According to the announcement which came in one day after AT&T escorted T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere out of their private concert at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the offer tries to assuage the burden individuals and families experience when they want to switch from one wireless provider to another.  “We’re giving families a ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card,’ said Legere. ”Carriers have counted on staggered contract end dates and hefty early termination fees to keep people bound to them forever. But now families can switch to T-Mobile without paying a single red cent to leave them behind.”

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The latest story at CES is part of part of T-Mobile’s famously touted ”Un-carrier” strategy, deployed into the marketplace over a year ago to solidify and expand its footprint in the wireless communications industry.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere at T-Mobile's Un-carrier 4.0 press conference at CES 2014  in Las Vegas. (Photo: Jeff Bottari, AP Images for T-Mobile)

T-Mobile CEO John Legere at T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 4.0 press conference at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Jeff Bottari, AP Images for T-Mobile)

Here’s what you need to know about T-Mobile’s offer:

First, you have to be a customer of any one of its competitors, as the offer is not available to T-Mobile customers.

Second, to get the $650, you have to first trade in your current phone for an instant credit of up to $300 (based on the market value of your used mobile device).  The other $350 comes as a second credit after mailing in a final bill that illustrates the early termination charges tacked on by your old wireless provider.

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So, what are your thoughts on this new bidding war that has erupted between AT&T and T-Mobile?  Feel free to share your insights via the comment section, or email me at [email protected]. Also, follow me on Twitter @MUIPR so that you can be kept abreast of top stories coming out of the CES 2014 program.   

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