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There are many devices to capture our cherished moments with and they all are great. But then we have to keep them all organized (or at least together in one place, if organization is not one of your strong suits!). As it turns out, extracting these photos from iPhones, iPads, cameras or a memory card and to copy pictures to Photos app on Mac is not a complicated job at all. All it takes is a few simple steps. Let’s get you started then.

Copy Pictures to Photos App on Mac

Mac’s Photos app is a decent photo manager if you like to use it as your primary place to bring all the photos together. It lets you easily copy pictures directly from iPhone, camera or memory card to your Mac. All you have to do is to connect the device from which you want to extract your photos to your Mac.

Step1    Connect the device (iPhone, iPad, camera, memory card) you want to extract photos from to your Mac.

Step2    The photos app will launch automatically. However, it will not, if you have turned the auto-open feature off. In that case you can open it manually.

Step3    Now, once the app is launched, it would show you the photos from the device that you’ve connected with your Mac.

move pictures to photos app mac 1

Step4    Click on the import tab and select photos you want to import (copy) to your Mac.

Step5    If you want to extract all the photos from the device, press the ‘Import All New Photos’ button on top right corner of the app.

Step5    Once this is done, you have stored images on your Mac by importing their copy to Photos app on Mac.

Step6    Disconnect the device. Before that, you can also delete all the photos from the device if you want, because they are now stored on your Mac.

Photos app gets you this feature of extracting your pictures from any device with pictures stored on it. It then organizes them nicely for future viewing. That’s why one would like to copy pictures to Photos app on Mac no matter which device is used to capture them.

There you go. Capture your photos with everything you own. Collect them together at one place in Photos app on Mac.


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