1-in-5 People on the Planet is an active Gmail Active users, so boasts Google


Over the weekend, Gmail took to Twitter to boast about them hitting 1.5 million users. An impressive growth, given they were at one billion users as at February 2016.

World population is estimated to stand at 7.53 billion people, and with 1.5 million active users on Gmail. That means the Google’s email services is being used by one in every five people on the planet.

Gmail is now 14-years-old

Gmail desktop began working back in April 2004 (as a beta release). Two years later, Google released a Java version that was now accessible on mobile phones, and it was quickly taken up by the masses.

By 2012, the email service has hit 425 million active users. Three years later, that figure more than doubled to 900 million, and 75% of the users were accessing Gmail on mobile devices.

The recently redesigned Gmail with Offline mode

Most recent alteration Google made to its email service include setting up Offline Mode for the web. Though this feature is only available to users accessing Gmail on the Chrome browser.

For more information on how to get the new Gmail redesign alongside the Offline Mode, click here to view our previous articles on the subject.

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