10 African Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

How often do you go on Instagram in search of a particular hashtag or photographer to follow, only to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of users on the app? Let’s face it, Instagram is a wonderfully, fun, visually appealing place that can bring joy, inspiration or happiness. The only issue is with over 150 million users, filtering through to find the perfect account can be a bit challenging especially when looking for an African photographer. Not to worry, we are here to help.

Just like our “Top 5 African Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram” article, this time around we have compiled a list of 10 Awesome African Photographers you should follow on Instagram…


1. South Africa Through My Eyes

South African through my Eyes is a collection of images curated using #southafricathroughmyeyes.


2. Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar

Looking through Ugandan Photographer, Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar, work, one gets a sense of pride, happiness and strength that is often missing from the usual photographs depicting Africa. Guaranteed to make your smile, his account is filled with everyday people, doing everyday things.


3. Andrew Esiebo

Using only a smartphone, Andrew Esiebo originally used photography as a way to categorize the “rapid development of urban Nigeria as well as the country’s rich culture and heritage'” His snapshots encapsulate a visual storytelling that is hard to find especially from a continent whose narrative is often misconstrued.


4. Mutua Matheka: Truthslinger

Photographers are people with the ability to see beauty, shapes and color where often it goes unnoticed. Kenyan photographer, Mutua Matheka is one such photographer. Each photo in his vast collection holds a story, a mystery and purpose – even more amazing that most are taken with a smart phone.


5. Everyday Africa

Everyday Africa is a photography project started by Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill as a way to “re-direct focus toward a more accurate understanding of what the majority of Africans experience on a day-to-day-basis: normal life.”   Teaming together with a team of 18 photographers throughout the continent, photographers use their mobile phones to capture the everyday African life.

6. Sam Vox

Tanzanian photographer, Sam Vox is the kind of photographer that sees beauty in the ordinary. Balancing light, white space and composition, Sam’s Instagram account is the kind that makes you want to pack up your stuff and wander through the world with nothing but a camera and a passport.


7. Nasrin Suleiman: Nazy Xo

Nasrin Suleiman is a Tanzanian photographer focusing of on her hometown, Zanzibar. Often shooting the landscape, people and little critters, Nasrin does an amazing job showcasing the character and beauty of Zanzibar.


8. African Cityzens

African Cityzens is an unassuming and powerful account by two visual artists “traveling through African by road, one city at a time.”


9. Christina Rizk

Christina Rizk is a photographer based in Cairo, Egypt whose images focus on the people and places she visits in her everyday life as a freelance photographer. Deeply personal and warm, Christina’s account is the kind that takes you on a journey through her life.


10. Ninky3

Not only does Egyptian photographer, Ninky3, produce great images, her shots are the kind that gives you a glimpse into the everyday life of an Egyptian.

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