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10 Best and Extremely Useful Features of iOS 11

by Fahad Saleem

Apple has launched iOS 11. The new mobile OS is packed with amazing new features. iOS 11 beta is available to download. However, the general version will be available to download and use later this year. Herea are some of the best iOS 11 features which make the new operating system different from its predecessors.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording in iOS 11 is perhaps the best feature. It’s the basic features which make our lives easier that get the most attention and applause. Recording screen in iPhone used to be a mess. Without third party apps and spending loads, it was impossible to record your screen activity for videos. But iOS 11 has made this possible. You will also be able to edit and annotate your recordings, and made GIFs out of them.

Play GIFs in Photos App

Finally, Apple is allowing users to view and play GIFs natively in the Photos app. Previously, iPhone users had to install third party GIF apps to view interesting and funny GIFs. A Reddit user has even posted a test GIF of the new feature. Have a look.

Transferring Data/Settings by Planing iPhones, Macs Next to Each Other

iOS 11 is going to revolutionize the file and configuration transfer process. You’d be able to transfer complete settings of your iPhone by just holding it close to another MacBook, iPhone or iPad.

Customize Settings You Want to See in Control Center

No more goofing around in the settings just to change your screen brightness or turn of low power mode. Apple has finally given the ability to customize which settings you want to see in the Control Center.

Auto-Delete App to Free Up Space in iPhone

In order to free up space in iPhone, you can now auto-delete unused apps.

Small Keyboard for One-Handed Texting

Another useful feature to make our everyday smartphone user easier: iOS 11 brings a “one-handed” keyboard in order to make texting easier. In order to enable one-handed keyboard, tap and hold on the emoji key on the keyboard and select one-handed typing. You’ll see the entire keyboard squeezing under your thumb.

Interaction with Siri by Typing

At last, the feature I and thousands of introverts like me were looking for. You could interact with Siri by typing in iOS 11. So no more accent issues. No more awkward repeats.

Indoor Directions in Apple Maps

This is Big! Apple Maps, which is not quite famous for its precision, will get indoor directions in iOS 11. However, this feature needs further investigation and testing. If true, congratulations! You won’t need to ask strangers about the exact location of the bathroom.

Photo and PDF Editing in Notes App

iOS 11 Notes app can turn your photos and PDFs into editable and searchable documents using the built-in scanner.

Share Playlist in Apple Music with Friends

You can also share Apple music playlists with friends.


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