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10 Best Companies to Work in 2017

by Fahad Saleem

Humans spend most of their lives at their workplaces. According to a research, based on the 7-hour work week, we spend a whopping 57% of our working average lives (46 years) in offices. A bad workplace can destroy your life, relationships and health. Famous company review website Glassdoor has published a study using millions of user reviews for several companies. Let’s take a look at the best companies to work for in 2017 based on the review scores from this data.

Bain & Company

Yes, I, too, was expecting Facebook, Google or Microsoft on the first place like you. But Bain & Company, a Boston-based consulting firm, ranks first in the list of best places to work in 2017. It is famous for its dynamic work environment and supporting management. The company helps in clients achieving their goals based on data driven insights. Even entry level workers are given a chance to interact with and work under executives.



Facebook is the second best place to work in 2017. It’s the best place if you have enough talent, you love what you do and enjoy a highly competitive yet cozy and thriving environment.


Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is a management consulting company which got high scores on Glassdoor due to its employee-friendly career progression, pay raises and skyrocketing learning opportunities.



I guess we don’t need to have reasons to work in Google, right? Google’s isn’t just the world’s biggest search engine company. From energy to robots and AI, Google is working on some insanely exciting projects which can turn the wheel of civilization. One must try to be a part of this company.


World Wide Technology

World Wide Technology is a Missouri-based tech company which, according to Glassdoor reviews, is “extremely” helpful for its employees and strives to make them “happy.


Fast Enterprises

Fast Enterprises deals in software and Enterprise for the government sector. Its employees say that the company has a family-like environment and provides amazing exposure to the corporate and Enterprise world.


In-N-Out Burger

It’s fascinating to see a fast food company getting good reviews from its employees as we all know the grueling nature of fast food jobs. In-N-Out Burger is the 7th best place to work in 2017.



According to a Glassdoor review, LinkedIn’s management is proactive and makes sure its every employee is where he or she wants to be. The company is now acquired by Microsoft, so working at LinkedIn has even more perks now.



This design and software company stands at the ninth position in Glassdoor’s favorite places to work.


Power Home Remodeling Group

Power Home Remodeling is a company that remodels houses to make them more energy efficient, green energy-friendly, and beautiful. Glassdoor reviews suggest that this company’s management “genuinely” cares for its employees. The career growth opportunities at Power Home are tremendous.



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