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10 Best iPhone 6 Games (Download Links)

by Fahad Saleem
best iphone 6 games

10 Best  iPhone 6 Games (Download Links)

How can you imagine of having an iPhone 6 without having some marvelous and high definition games. This means the games below are best with the larger iPhone 6 Plus display and play awesome on that display.

Most of these are tried-and-true. They’ve been updated and modified, to work best on the larger display OR they’ve been ready all along.


With mind blowing colorful backgrounds, you’ll be surprised how awesome it feels to play in only black and white in the foreground. This game will cost you $3.99 and is available at the iTunes app store.

best iphone 6 games


A bulky huge MOBA “perfected for touch” by the super folks at Super Evil Megacorp. This game is still to be released in October of 2014.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The latest entry in the arcade racing series of Ios 8 games was already one of the best genre entries on the App Store, no need to mention this is a pretty awesome racing game, but now the visuals have been upgraded with extra graphic techniques like flaming tire treads and pouring rain .Previously it showed just a wet road.

best iphone 6 games

80 Days

It’s a strange world you’ll be experiencing with 80 Days, an innovative story of world travel through design. It’s like Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego were resurrected for another shot at glory. This iPhone 6 game will cost you a cool $4.99 from the iStore.

Monument Valley

This game will put you in some fantastic judgment mode in an Escher-esque universe made from flat planes.  It’ll cost you $3.99 USD.

Beach Buggy Racing

Like many games in ios 8 game list, how can be racing games be neglected so this game is also available for Android. Beach Buggy Racing may not have the built-in option of a Sonic & All-Stars Racing, but this free game enhances your racing experience on your mobile.

best iphone 6 games

Prime World: Defenders

Keeping in mind the Metal feature in iOS 8, Prime World: Defenders is an attractive defense game in which you’ll plop down turrets and some obstacles along a path and will dodge and defeat your enemies. This game is entirely free.

best iphone 6 games

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Another Gameloft entry! This is the best first-person-shooting game that you can ever have. All you need is $6.99 USD.

best iphone 6 games

Plunder Pirates

Inside Plunder Pirates you’ll find water world game strategies. This game comes from Rovio’s publishing that is also the publisher of Angry Birds. Between the gleaming characters and backdrops, you have to make your pirate to attack other villages.

best iphone 6 games

Epic Zen Garden [interloper! not really a game!]

Created by the folks at Epic Games to showcase the graphics prowess of Unreal Engine 4 in collaboration with Apple’s new Metal API. It looks awesome and since it’s just a show off so it’s also free on iTunes.

best iphone 6 games


Mr. Crab

It’s a bright with simple, colorful graphics, but it’s been optimized with Metal to make the game run better. And it’s a fun little one-finger game. You have to jump over the hazards and reach your target by moving vertically up. This game is also free.


best iphone 6 games



So now onwards you will not be getting bore if you own an iPhone 6 with iPhone 6 doubt iOS 8 games have revolutionized the gaming filed.

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