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10 Decor Ideas that are heavy on Tech & Innovation

Every day we move towards a more technologically influenced life. From making a fresh brew of coffee in the morning to automating our houses for a comfortable life, technology and innovation have taken over.

So, it makes perfect sense to bring in some of that tech and innovation into our homes, not through utilitarian devices but technologically inspired decor. The idea may be confusing to few, but you’d be surprised at the effect that aesthetically pleasing tech devices can have on home styling. This article will look at ten such decor ideas that are heavy on Tech & Innovation.

1. Digital Wall Clock

Analog clocks and grandfather clocks have enjoyed great success as home decor items that add character to the design while also serving a practical purpose. They add age and a story to the design and space, but time waits for no one. In today’s world of minimalistic design and efficient decor, analog clocks have lost their place.

Digital clocks are the latest trend in innovative home decor. The sleek and minimalistic design goes very well with the current fad while adding a bit of that cyberpunk spice.

2. DNA Portraits

Want to be a little quirky or give off that mad-scientist vibe? Then join the hype train and get yourself a beautiful DNA portrait. A DNA Portrait is a printed image of your DNA that comes in various styles, sizes, frames (or no frames), and colors of your choice.


Each DNA print is unique, making it a personal decoration that adds some personality to your house. You can get a DNA portrait from dna11 by collecting your DNA sample with the company’s kit. The process is simple and painless.

3. Lunar Lamps

Get closer to the moon by getting yourself a mesmerizing lunar lamp. Though not the most tech-savvy piece of decor, it is quite an innovative idea that is the perfect replacement for traditional lamps. Place it on your table, shelf, or bedside; the light has the right amount of lighting for every scenario.

4. Crystal Glass Wall Switch

While decorating our homes, we seldom pay attention to

the switches and switchboards spread across the house. Choosing the right switch seems trivial, but the degree of the effect it has on the surrounding design is astounding. Embracing the technological boom, it is time you said bye-bye to the old switches and welcomed glass wall switches.

The glass wall switches are touch interface boards that do not use physical keys, giving you a sleek and futuristic design.

5. Modular Lights

Modular lights are individual devices that emit light and are shaped like a hexagon (it can be found in other shapes, but the hexagonal design is mostly found in the market). The hexagonal lights can be attached like a honeycomb structure to create designs and conditions of your liking. And because the lights light up individually, you can choose which pieces light up and create designs out of them too.

6. Digital Artwork

Empty walls adorned with your family’s collages or beautiful artwork painted by talented artists are a well-known home decor practice. Though it is a great way of decorating walls and personalizing your decor, it does have a technological substitution.

Digital artworks are framed LCD screens that can display thousands of pictures and paintings of your liking. All you have to do is upload these images onto the digital artwork frame and watch it beautifully show them.

7. Tetris Shelves

Tetris is one of the biggest video games to come out of human history. So it makes sense to incorporate the same into our home decors. Design and hang up Tetris block-shaped shelves for a hit of nostalgia and also a reminder of how far technology has come.

The shelves are fun to look at and also serve a purpose. Fill them with complementing showcases or books to complete the look.

8. Magnetic Levitating Decor

Levitating objects are bound to attract attention. So, get yourself a magnetic levitating decor item to add some mystery and develop curiosity. These levitating decors come in multiple designs; some as lamps, some as levitating magnetic switches, levitating designer shoes, etc.

As a decorative element, the item is unique and ups the ante of its environment. Pair a magnetic levitating device with an older counterpart to contrast and balance the style.

9. Smart Lights

The same old lights that get duller as time goes on makes the house drab and boring.

Add some life and enthusiasm to your home with some smart lights. Smart lights are lighting devices that illuminate a room in all known colors with additional features like strobe effect, mellow change in coloring, etc.

The neon lights give a true feel of the cyberworld while adding some color to your life.

10. Aroma/ Essential Oils Diffuser

Today’s diffusers look like they were pulled straight out of a Steven Spielberg movie. Looking like a piece of Alienware, its futuristic design adds to the environment, grabbing attention yet blending with the room. Being a diffuser, it also imbibes the room with a beautiful aroma and creates a calm and fresh space.

Technology is not just confined to machines and devices that make our lives more comfortable and easier. If designed well, they can have great aesthetic value and serve both utility and decoration wise.

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