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10 of Best Online Intro Makers To Create Video Intros that Inspire


Video intros have become more and more popular with the widespread use of social media such as Youtube. If you are going to log into Youtube and plan to leave a mark in the field and grow, it will be inevitable to make an intro that helps viewers associate your content with your brand.

Therefore, first of all, we come across questions such as how to make an intro correctly. Fortunately, there are online intro maker tools that eliminate the hassle of making an intro from scratch.

In this post, we have compiled intro maker tools that provide ease of use and make your job easier for you. If you’re ready, let’s start.


FlexClip is an easy online video creating platform that allows you to create great intros using a lot of filters, overlays, transitions, and custom titles. FlexClip’s biggest advantage is that it provides a large library of stock media choices, including royalty-free video clips, music tracks, and photos. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface is packed with features and allows you to drag and drop video clips and photos into your editing canvas easily.

You can use FlexClip for free, but your exported videos will be shorter than one minute. If you want to create longer videos with higher quality, there are two individual payment plans to choose from: A Basic subscription fee for $4.99 per month or a Plus subscription fee of $7.99 per month.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another intro maker, which appeals to social media creators who want to create a good video clip without spending hours. The main advantage of Adobe Spark is that it is fast. It is easy to drag and drop your clips and icons and even add your own voice before adding them to a cinematic soundtrack.

Adobe Spark is available in a free version but is severely limited in terms of these features. For example, you cannot access premium templates, use your own logo, and a watermark appears on all your videos. Individual and Team subscriptions, starting with all additional features and technical support, start at $9.99 per month.


Animaker is a free intro maker used by over three million people and over 1,000 brands worldwide. Animaker has the world’s largest animation library and allows you to create vertically optimized videos for your mobile viewers. Its easy-to-use and straightforward interface makes it a great promotional tool for novice filmmakers. Features include camera and transition effects, a wide range of backgrounds and sound effects, as well as the ability to record or import your own voiceover or soundtrack directly.

Because Animaker is a web-based platform that uses Flash, if you are not using the latest hardware, you may notice delays in your editing experience. The free version allows you to export an unlimited number of videos that you can upload to YouTube in SD quality. However, you will be deprived of premium features such as custom fonts. Also, all of your videos have a watermark. Paid subscriptions start at $ 19 per month for a Starter plan and $ 39 per month for a Pro plan.


Renderforest allows you to make high-quality intros in minutes. One of the best and worst features of this promotional video maker is that it is completely web-based. On the plus side, you can create your promotions no matter what device or operating system you are using. The downside is that it cannot work instantly without an internet connection.

Renderforest allows you to choose from a catalog of over 50,000 video templates that you can edit and customize in minutes with fonts, logos, color palettes, and a soundtrack.

Renderforest has a free demo package that allows you to create an unlimited number of 360p videos for up to three minutes. However, it will include a watermark, and there will be a limited number of music tracks to choose from. Paid subscriptions start at $7.99 per month for an Amateur plan that allows you to export seven five-minute-long HD 720 videos per month without watermarks.


OFFEO is a free intro maker for designers. The main advantage of OFFEO is its thousands of templates and graphic elements that you can use to make your intro. From impressive doodles to high-quality stock images, all design elements have true aesthetic quality – everything you need to make an impressive promotional video. OFFEO’s templates are categorized by E-commerce, logos, or your industry. This makes creating your project simple and straightforward.

OFFEO offers you a free option that gives you the same functionality as the $ 19 premium package per month, but with major limitations. Your video will be watermarked. You will be limited to three projects (unlimited in paid version), and you can not access almost any music, font, or color options.


Panzoid is also an online community for creating custom content. You can start your project from scratch or choose from a limited number of templates created by the Panzoid community.

It has a free version that includes a Panzoid watermark, but its paid plans start at just $ 1.99 per month for a Starter plan. For this, you get 360 render credits and 3 months storage of rendered videos.


Wideo is another tool with some useful tools to make an animated intro video in a short time. Some of the best things about Wideo are that you can record your favorite scenes and easily reuse them in all your videos. You can also customize your videos for more than 100 templates, countless fonts, and brand colors. Wideo also allows you to save your videos in folders to stay organized or download in full HD and MP4.

The subscription fee is more expensive than other platforms. A basic plan costs $19 a month. This includes 10 downloads per month, 1.5-minute videos and 20 video templates to choose from. All paid plans have a 7-day free trial, but downloads are not included in this period.


LightMV is a cloud-based intro maker that lets you turn photos and video clips into a professional-quality intro video. The power of LightMV is simple. The archive of bold, bright, and impressive professional video templates is classified by industry or event category to make your project easier. You can easily make Full HD resolution videos on all your devices and upload them in one click. As with other web-based platforms, you must have an internet connection to use LightMV.

LightMV is free to use, but a watermark and limited features will block you. VIP subscriptions are billed annually and start at $ 4.99 a month. This not only gets rid of the watermark but also allows you to download your videos in HD 720p, produce two videos at the same time and add up to 100 photos.


MotionDen allows you to create different animated intros using the ready-made professional template caches, which is undoubtedly the strongest part. These are organized into logical themes such as eCommerce or YouTube, so you can quickly find and customize the right template. The simple and easy-to-use customization editor lets you add your text, colors, and background to create a work in minutes.

MotionDen allows you to create up to five videos using the catalog of all video templates. However, you will have to endure terrible watermark. To stream HD quality videos directly to YouTube, you must pay $ 9 per video or $ 39 per month.


Placeit is an intro maker supported by Envato; With its digital assets, it is the world’s leading market. This video intro maker offers a large library of over 20,000 categories for you to adapt and a wide variety of music tracks. You can add logos, slides, music, images, and videos to each template design. With a simple and logical interface, Placeit is an intro maker tool for those who do not need or need little previous editing experience to promote videos properly.

Unfortunately, there is no free option here. To get full access to all of Placeit’s templates, get unlimited downloads, the price is $ 14.95 per month. If you pay for the whole year, your subscription can save 44% by paying $ 99.95 for a year.

Above are ten of the easy and powerful video editors we list. Try and find the best one that fits your needs. Most of them have a trial subscription that you could cancel at any time.

PS: You can also get yourself some royaly free stock video to make your intro video look as professional as possible. With these videos you can boost the aesthetics of your footage tenfold without spending much on the video recording and editing budget.

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