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The 10 Startups that made the cut to Seedstars Accra Pitch Competition

by Milicent Atieno
The 10 Startups that made the cut to Seedstars Accra Pitch Competition

Seedstars World has just announced the top 10 startups that impressed the judges and made the cut for the global seed-stage startup competition for the emerging markets. The following are the names of these startups (in no particular order) that will be pitching at the Seedstars Accra:

Chalkboard Education: This startup provides a plug-and-play mobile eLearning solution. Their product works on just about any device that can connect to the internet.

Cocktail Insights: They came up with a social media analytics and marketing tool targeting e-commerce businesses looking to monetize their social media activities.

GoSun Stove: They came up with a means for cooking that uses no fuel. Well, other than the Sun. Making it a cleaner, safer, and practical ways for cooking especially in areas that get a lot of sunshine.

HQ Renewable Tech: This startup wants to revive those dead and neglected solar and car batteries to working conditions.

SyncCommerce: An information system helping merchants efficiently and quickly manage and run orders for their inventory across different sales channels.

Nubian Oryx: An alternative housing construction technique using low-cost earthbag building technology and makes cheaper houses with very low-carbon footprint.

TECHAiDE: This is an inclusive content delivery system using low power and is durable. It is suitable for use in low-income areas without internet connection.

Landmapp: This startup wants to offer affordable land rights documentation services to smallholder farmers. In addition to building an accurate data profiles leading up to more services.

Swappaholics: It enables individuals and businesses connect and swap products and services in a social setting without money exchanging hands.

Krinotech Solutions: a mobile app and web service helping people save and invest their money by way of making regular calls from their devices.

“After reviewing all the startups that applied to SeedStars Accra 2016,” said Community Manager at Impact Hub Accra, Victor Kelechi. “We feel very confident that this will be another successful event, one which will showcase Ghana’s potential as an exporter of technology. Competition will be fierce this year, and we hope that the winner will represent our country proudly in the SeedStars Summit in Switzerland,”

The 10 will go to the next stage of the competition happening on August 21st, 2016 at the Impact Hub; a co-working space in Accra. Where they will compete against each other and the overall winner selected.

Selam Kebede, Associate for Seedstars World Africa, said, “Last year we found our startup Asoriba here, who won our African Regional Summit and made it to the top 10 at our Global Summit. For us, this is a confirmation that exceptional talent can be found in Ghana, and we are looking forward to meeting this year’s batch of talented entrepreneurs.”

The Seedstars Accra pitch competition has been organized through a partnership between Impact Hub Accra, VC4A, TEDx Ghana, Lionesses of Africa, Ghana Think, Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Brussels Airlines, Orange, and Barcamp.

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