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10 Startups Using Tech to Reinvent Education


In all parts of the world, education is regarded as a very important sector. The history of education has recorded quite a great number of changes that have occurred within the sector. Surprisingly, these changes still occur. One of these changes is the use of technology. For a long, no one had dreamed of education and technology working together. Today, companies are now being created with the sole aim of bringing technology into the world or education.

The world is home to a large number of startups. Luckily, a small percentage of these startups come as edtech companies. Entrepreneurs who have founded these startups has only one purpose in mind; to merge education and technology. Technology has also changed the way jobs are provided in education too. For those bothered by the question, “is ziprecruiter legit?”, checking out a review on it is sure to give them an answer.

In case you are unaware of some of the top startups doing this, you can have zero worries as this article covers the details and objectives of 10 different startups that use technology to improve and reinvent education.

Top 10 Startups Using Technology to Reinvent Education

Below, we will take a quick look at some companies which make use of tech to reinvent education. If you are a student or a teacher, you will understand the unique benefits of having technology at your fingertips while studying or teaching. These 10 unique startups understand this too and are committed to making this a reality around the world. Here’s the deal:

1. Wonder Workshop

Programing is a very integral part of modern digitization. For schools, digitalisation plays a great role in keeping students engaged and ensuring the work for teachers are made to come in simpler bits. Wonder Workshop gets the concept behind this and has ensured it provides schools with amazing tools to help students code efficiently.

The startup teaches students how to code using Dash and Dot. These are robots that provide unique interfaces and accessibility to kids which enables them to code on their iPhones, iPads, and their Android devices.

2. Century

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has gone far beyond what many had imagined. These days, technology handles everything in the modern world of digitization. According to top research based on artificial intelligence statistics, AI will grow to become the backbone of education by providing better management of administrative tasks, simplifying school content, enabling adaptive learning, and upgrading education as a whole. Century, a startup providing education with technology, has gone a long way in seeing this.

The Century company houses a unique platform which offers to learn for schools and educational institutions by using AI to learn how the brain works. This is one of the most efficient ways for scholars to learn.

3. Workbench

Workbench is yet another startup that supports education through the tech it provides. Through the support for inline programming canvas, it can incorporate programming into school lessons. The unique interface the startup provides to schools enables students to view instructions and program multiple Bluetooth-connected devices. All from a single environment.

4. OpenClassrooms

OpenClassrooms is an online startup which has taken education up another level. Through its online platform, people can access targeted courses with diplomas. This gives them a chance at also accessing sought-after jobs across the market.

The Paris-based startup is equipped with a great number of courses that range from digital system management courses to Web development courses. In May 2018, the startup has closed a €51 million Series B round. Since its conception 2013, it has provided people access to amazing courses to build their education experience.

5. Zen Educate

Zen Educate is regarded as a job seeker for teachers. Through its amazing idea, teachers can get access to job openings in schools without having to go through an education recruiter. In other words, it offers a better style of education recruitment by connecting teachers to openings in schools.

Zen Educate provides not just access to school openings to teachers, it supports a fairly simple interface which requires people to fill in information about themselves and their needs. Then it assists them in finding an opening.

6. Teacherly

Just like in its name, Teacherly is a startup established entirely to meet the needs of teachers. The London-based startup was founded in 2015. Through the unique platform it provides, teachers can better improve their skills by sharing content experiences and content with other teachers. Teacherly aims to create a community that consists of teachers who share professional development materials as well as best practices and techniques with each other.

7. Civitas Learning

At Civitas Learning, schools can better collect and compile various student data. This way, they stand a chance to better understand students. Through the technology provided by the startup, schools can predict times when students will need more support as well as what fields they are bound to perform greatest in. This kind of technology comes in handy for schools that need to give more attention to their students. And for students, this is an improved way to perform better at their studies.

8. Teachers Pay Teachers

Just like its name implies, Teachers Pay Teachers is a unique online startup founded in 2006. It offers a platform for teachers to buy worksheets from other teachers and to also sell theirs. Asides buying and selling worksheets, they are offered a chance to do the same with lesson plans, coursework, and other educational resources.

Teachers get a chance to learn new things and prepare more for their work. For most of them that use the platform, the technology it provides has helped them improved their skills as teachers.

9. DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose has lived up to its name since its conception. The startup has become a major ground for crowdfunding to support public classrooms. It was founded in 2000, and since then, a great number of teachers across the globe post funding requests for all kinds of supplies to be in public classrooms.

10. M-Shule

M-Shule comes as an e-learning platform that is based in Nairobi. It provides personalized education to primary school students across Africa through the use of artificial intelligence.


Technology is a very important factor which affects the existence of several sectors in the world. Today, startup companies are being created to offer education a boost through the use of technology. The above-listed startups are some of those that have done this. Luckily, they do not seem to be going anytime soon.

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