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10 Ways Consumers Are Using Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrencies have long been a hot topic, with lots of controversies surrounding it. These days, however, they are coming to light as an investment tool that is easy to access with a worldwide reach and cheap transaction fees. Both individuals and businesses of any sort are starting to rely on it for a smoother dealing process. 

Besides transferring money and purchasing items, there are other ways on how users use cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at them below!

1. Gamble

Is taking risks part of your nature? If so, you might be delighted to know that cryptocurrencies provide a good opportunity for people to try their luck in gambling. Various betting pools make use of ethereum blockchain to pile up, manage, and dispense the profits without central banks. 

2. Donate

Yes, even donating your cryptocurrencies to a charity is completely allowed too. Increasingly more charitable and non-profit organizations have begun accepting digital currencies, including Bitcoin. Moreover, they could be used to prevent potential corruption in charitable organizations. 

3. Protection against hyperinflation

For instance, in some countries like Venezuela, residents purchase cryptocurrency to protect themselves from financial loss in case their fiat currencies get plunge. They call it investing but depicted as surviving. 

4. Travel

Thanks to the several retailers that continuously trust Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, users can now use them for several transactions, even during travel leisure. Some travel agencies allow travelers to acquire flights, book hotels, and rent cruises or car. More so, the growth of the crypto ATM market also means you can convert your digital currency into local cash in most leading cities globally. 

5. Education

Schools are also adopting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Universities in various countries, like Germany, the US, and Switzerland, have started to implement the use of Bitcoin. It would be a great help, particularly for parents with busy schedules since they no longer have to deal with long lines and kill off valuable time. 

6. Invest

Even students understand the importance of crypto as a new medium for investing in extra financial money. This practice will help you avoid irresponsible acquisition or cut off unnecessary expenses. 

7. Fund-raise

You can use Bitcoin to fund your products, services, or ideas. It is easy to incur and track money. 

8. Barter

Several online bartering communities offer trading of services or goods – with strictly no cash rules. The process is just simple. There are no complications, plus it is highly suitable for international trade. What makes bartering of cryptocurrencies a good idea is that there’s no wastage because goods are neither under-produced nor over-produced—only the required amount. 

9. Get paid

For those who love producing high-quality content, particular blogging and social media platforms allow publishers to earn financial rewards through digital currency. 

10. Private transactions

Anonymous financial transactions are encouraged with cryptocurrency too. What does it mean for you? Simply putting it, you don’t have to undergo interviews or sets of questions to explain why you are sending a large amount of money, who you are sending it to, and what the fund sources are. Thus, functionary processes or delays. 

11. Earn money

Who wouldn’t want such an opportunity, right? As long as you know about Bitcoin trading, you’re all set to go. Newbies are welcome to try this unique opportunity, too. Open the bitcoin aussie systems website to begin your trading journey and make a success of your trading strategies. 


For many, cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment. However, most decentralized currencies, like Bitcoin, offer an extensive array of powerful applications. The benefits are so immense, and you will want to dive into further either for your personal or business transaction, or both.

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