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10 Ways To Maximize Your Business Voicemail


Creating an engaging voicemail is one of the key factors for efficient customer retention and an increased cold call call-back. Due to this, business voicemails should be made meticulously and creatively. While this could be considered trivial compared to other aspects, making a professional voicemail greeting and leaving a good impression to callers is crucial for novice business owners. 

If you’re a first-timer in this practice, you might be wondering about the proper measures you need to take to obtain your objectives. For starters, you might want to consider utilizing predictive dialers like Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail & Text and other similar technological advances to boost your business productivity. 

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Role Of Voicemails In Business Industry

Establishing a business may not be as easy as it seems, let alone making it thrive in your respective field. While it could be challenging to make your business stand out from the rest of your competitors, learning a thing or two about making an efficient voicemail could do the trick.

Although this could sound financially straining on your part, finding the right voicemail system for your business could significantly improve your business efficiency and enhance competitiveness. Not to mention the amount of trouble it could save you from, especially in reducing idle time. Since it’s the first line of communication with customers, voicemails play a vital role in generating more leads and increasing business revenue. 

To help you have a better understanding of this matter, here are some important information about business voicemails you need to know:

  • Although some people usually think that voicemails aren’t of any significance to their businesses, it’s worth mentioning that these could benefit them in many aspects.

First, voicemails could significantly promote efficiency in business performance, improve employee productivity, and increase customer retention and client engagement. A functional voicemail could also help streamline communication in your business and have easy access to pertinent information.

  • Apart from that, voicemails could also transfer messages, e-mails, and calls to mobile phones for hassle-free listening.
  • If those aren’t enough yet, know that there are also certain technological advances, like a Power Dialer, that could assist business owners and employees to effectively handle calls and reduce the time allocated for contacting potential customers.
  • Due to the shift in a more advanced way of communication in the business industry, businesses are now striving to maximize the use of predictive dialers and voicemails in streamlining their voicemail and faxing communications.
  • Voicemails are now getting considerable attention since both answering machines and generic voicemails prove to be inefficient and often cause poor impressions on potentials customers.

To better curb this concern, many companies offer services that allow multiple voicemail extensions, voicemail to text, voicemail to e-mail, and more advanced voicemail systems. These alternatives also provide detailed call reporting information, which helps employees access their website easier.

Creating Engaging Business Voicemails Like A Pro

Being the first line of connection to your potential customers, voicemails play an integral role in your business. To effectively create an engaging greeting to your clients, you might want to consider the following tips listed below: 

1. Use Predictive Dialing Systems

When it comes to managing your outbound calling process and lead generation, one of the most ideal alternatives you can consider includes using predictive dialers and other dialing systems. Otherwise known as a type of automated outbound dialing system, predictive dialers are recognized for their role in promoting efficiency in the workplace and regulating cold calling activities.

Specifically, outbound calling systems mainly focus on the use of scripts, which consist of instructions for employees to follow and numbers to contact. In the usual cold calling processes, business owners and employees have to select specific numbers from the list, dial the numbers manually, and wait until the lines are connected. However, such practices often lead to disconnected lines and delay the entire business operations. It could also affect the motivation of the employees and could result in lower KPIs.

To prevent calls from being answered by answering machines or fax, many businesses are now shifting to the use of predictive dialing technology. Through this option, businesses can now lessen the time wasted on dialing disconnected lines, boost productivity, and promote employee efficiency. This also helps employees to assess metrics on connection rates, determine potential issues, and manage the maximum redial systems.      

2. Always Provide Context

Boosting your company’s cold calling methods and enhancing lead generation isn’t just about creating an efficient voicemail. It’s also about ensuring the quality of your voicemails and making it stand out from its competitors. 

As your prospective clients might also be receiving voicemails from other companies aside from yours, you must identify the key factor to make your greetings exceptional. In doing that, you might want to focus on providing context to your business voicemails. This is important since, in most cases, customers not only focus on the content but also consider its context. 

To make your greetings stand out from the rest, you must make them more relevant and comprehensible. Aside from that, take note that context is the new king in the business industry as it can help your business flourish.   

3. Set The Right Expectation

After finding the right qualities for your voicemails, another aspect you need to keep an eye on involves setting an expectation for your clients. The challenge of generating more leads doesn’t end in making a voicemail; that’s just the beginning of it. Let’s say you successfully connected with a client. After that, you need to let them know when they can expect a call back from you. Do they have to expect two hours after the call or will it be within 24 hours?

Whether you have specific working hours to follow or not, it’s important to let your clients know the exact time they could expect a call-back. Through this, you can guarantee your callers that their time won’t be wasted waiting for your call-backs. This could also influence them to be loyal customers in the future. 

4. Update Your Voicemails Regularly

Another ideal way to optimize your greetings involves keeping them updated and constantly improved. Whenever you’re planning to take a break from work, it’d be better to have your voicemails reflect the time you’ll be out. It could also be of great help to keep them updated regularly to ensure that your clients will still be listening to them.

By enhancing your voicemails frequently, you have better chances of influencing more clients to listen to your greetings in their entirety.

5. Maintain A Natural Tone

When it comes to executing efficient telemarketing strategies, one of the most important aspects you need to monitor is your tone. In many cases, agents and employees often have to deal with unnatural and shaky voices when they’re on a call. While it’s understandable that they may be feeling overly pressured and nervous, such instances could affect the quality of their work and could result in poor customer retention.

To boost your voicemails and greetings, you might need to keep a natural tone and maintain your composure as much as possible. Always remember that experienced shoppers and clients could sense if you’re spewing made-up stories just by listening to your voice. So, if you’re having a hard time answering questions without a script, it’d be better to opt for pre-recorded business greetings.

By doing this aspect, you can efficiently avoid sounding like an automated machine and keep a natural tone. Additionally, take note that high-quality calls can be used to easily promote your goods and services to the people.   

6. Avoid Technical Terms

Not all customers have the same knowledge about telemarketing and cold calling as you and your colleagues. That’s why you must ensure to reduce using technical terms as much as possible when talking to them. While you might find this a little bit challenging on your part, know that you’re aiming to provide a clear and actionable message through your voicemails and not to cause any confusion on your clients. 

One way to avoid getting your prospective clients alienated with technical terms is to write a script or go for a pre-recorded greeting. It’d also be better to double-check your script to know if there are slang or business jargons that your customers might not easily understand. If you notice some red flags, then that might be the right time to revise your script or simplify the used terms.

Aside from that, you might also want to consider consulting someone who isn’t in the same field to see if your message is delivered clearly.   

7. Maintain Conciseness

While you may aim to provide in-depth information to your clients through voicemails, know that some people tend to cut the call, especially if they get bored listening to a lengthy message.

Typically, clients refuse to listen to lengthy voice messages nor will they listen to overly short ones. Also, remember that creating such types of voicemails can cause more harm than good to your business. To prevent your voicemails from being deleted, it’s best to make them as concise as possible.

Making 30-second-long voice messages are more likely to get cut, especially if your clients are just after a call-back. To better resolve such issues, you can make them up to 20-30 seconds, at most. As a rule of thumb, your voicemails shouldn’t be much longer or shorter than that duration.

8. Prioritize Relevance

Apart from keeping a natural tone, using simple terms, and maintaining the conciseness of your greetings, another thing you can do to maximize your voicemails includes making them relevant to your prospects.

For instance, many agents in the call center industry tend to sound too declarative with their way of messaging and speaking. While that could be considered as a forthright approach, that strategy could turn off your customers in some ways. In some cases, clients tend to disconnect the line after realizing that the voicemail is a sales pitch from a salesperson.

To prevent that from happening, you must pay close attention to your word choices and the way you speak in your voicemail greetings. Note that certain words could trigger disappointed reactions from your clients before they fully comprehend your message. You may also lead the greeting with something relevant to your client, like a thought-provoking question to obtain feedback.

9. Manage Sound Quality

While preparing for your voicemails, you must not forget the possibility of getting interrupted by external noises and affecting your entire preparation. As you arrange your greetings, you also need to pay attention to your surroundings and ensure that your voicemail won’t pick up any background noise.

If you think that’s not enough yet, you may also record them in another place where there are no audible background noises.  Alternatively, you can enhance your audio through audio enhancement services like You must also check the quality of your voicemails and see if they’re coherent and comprehensible enough. To improve your greeting’s sound quality, you may opt for a high-end VoIP phone. By doing this, you can ensure producing high-quality voicemails and making them sound professional.

10. Promote Customer Experience

One of the best practices in telemarketing includes prioritizing customer experience and promoting high customer retention. While you might feel like it’s another complicated task you need to accomplish, there’s no denying that happy customers could result in higher customer engagement.

After doing the aforementioned tips above, you must now focus on making sure that your prospective clients will become loyal customers to your business. To do that, it’s best to develop rapport with your prospective clients through your greetings. In some cases, customers are hesitant to ask questions because the agent sounds a little bit unaccommodating. Such instances could lead to lower KPIs and poor customer retention.

To effectively resolve such issues, you must take extra measures to improve customer experiences. To establish connections to your clients, use positive words while talking to them and convey professionalism throughout the call. By doing so, you can efficiently demonstrate proper work ethics, influencing prospects to become loyal clients.


Establishing a business in your prospective industry can be a challenging task to accomplish, let alone making it strive amidst the fierce competition. While you might feel bewildered with the processes you need to take, worry not as there are various alternatives you can consider to obtain your goals.

For starters, you may start optimizing your business voicemails. Note that the perfect voicemails could be the ideal way to attract potential clients and generate more leads. Through the above-mentioned considerations and tips, making your business thrive could be much easier.

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