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11 Commonly Used Words that Will Make You Untrustworthy at Work

by Fahad Saleem

Being trustworthy is the single most important trait to have if you want true success in life. We spend most of our time at work, and during these hours, we interact with our bosses, colleagues, clients and people in general. You are defined by the words you use while speaking. The right choice of words can do wonders. You can literally control other peoples’ minds and get what you want if you really know what to speak and when to speak.  For years, I have noticed that the majority of  people tend to speak without thinking. They use the same old jargon and cliché words to make their point. For example, people say “sorry” a lot; they say “I’ll do it ASAP” and other oft repeated phrases and words a lot. These phrases do not have weight in them anymore. There is a whole list of words and phrases which could make you untrustworthy at work. Lynn Taylor is a workspace expert and the writer of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior, a pretty famous book. Lynn Taylor has worked and researched for years and found out that the following phrases and words can deplete your trustworthiness trait at work. You should avoid them at all cost. You should start looking for alternatives.

Some phrases and sentences, according to Lynn, have the proposnetiy to induce an element of doubt and skepticism in the interaction. Here are some of those phrases.

I’m not gonna lie

 This means that you have to emphasize that you are going to lie “this time”. What about the previous promises and commitments of yours when you didn’t start the conversation by saying this useless phrase?

Do you want me to be honest?

Who doesn’t want people around him to be honest.

Do you want to know the truth?

 Seriously, this phrase is enough to prove you a liar.

To tell you the truth


Trust me ” or “Honestly 

You must have heard a lot of people using this phrase. This has become a cliché and you should never use it. You don’t need any of this phrase to prove that you are trustworthy.

“This is a secret, but

That means if I will tell you a secret someday, you will share it with others by prefixing this meaningless phrase?

I’m not supposed to tell you this 


I really don’t want have to do this, but 

Then don’t!

I’ll try… 

This is another phrase that has become cliché. If you can do this, just say you will do this. If not, just deny kindly. Don’t keep others hanging in the air.

If I offended you, I’m sorry

When you are making an apology, accept your mistake or blunder unconditionally. No ifs and buts. This is a life pro tip and will make you much more valuable in the eyes of your boss.

Don’t over-think it

This phrase makes the other person think even more about something bad. It’s like randomly saying don’t imagine a big elephant you will have in your mind but elephant.

Take note, people. Never use the above words or phrases at your work or even in your life if you want to add value and trust in your personality.

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