13 Small Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Life

Small changes and baby steps can change one’s life, if adapted with consistency. If you want to improve, accomplish and achieve what you want in life, start making these small changes. They will also help you become a better, more productive, and a good human being.

Meditate Daily for 5 Minutes 

Science has now actually proved the benefits of meditation. Perhaps the only reason of our anxieties, depression and mental noise is the fact that most of us don’t live in the moment. You should know that meditation is not a difficult thing. You don’t have to dress like a monk and sit on a mountain and learn some special art to do this amazing thing. You can do medication daily in your room. Watch this amazing video to learn how to meditate.


10 Pushups Daily 

Start doing 10 push-ups daily in your room. But be consistent. Otherwise, don’t even start because there would be no use of grilling yourself uselessly just for two or three days. If you do 10 push-ups daily, consistently, you will notice a clear change in your strength, and visible tone in your body. Read the story of a person on Reddit who changed his body by doing pushups for 3 months.

Compliment and Acknowledge 

Start acknowledging others’ good deeds or services. Compliment someone daily. It will not only make their day, but you will feel a clear happiness inside you.

Have Warm Lemon Water First thing in the Morning

This small change can absolutely change your life and make your metabolism and body healthier. As soon as you wake up, have some warm water with lemon in it. Or have some lemon grass tea. Your metabolism will kickstart and your body will clean itself.

Do this 7 Minute Workout in Your Room 

Forget about joining a gym or daydreaming about having big muscles. If you want to lose weight and get muscles, follow this 7 minute workout plan which you can do in your room. Do it consistently. This 7 minute workout is enough to finish you off daily, as it’s intense and quick.

Prepare Meals at Home 

Start preparing meals at home. Preferably, you should make your meals on weekends for the whole week. This way, you’d never get the temptations of ordering food or eating out. This small change will save you tons of money and help you lose weight.

Read Ingredients and Nutritional Value of Everything you Buy

Start reading the nutrition tables and list of ingredients of the products while doing grocery shopping. You’ll be amazed to see the amount of sugar and bad ingredients in your favorite food and cooking products. This small change will help you pay attention to what you buy and eat.

Install MyFitnessPal

Install MyFitnessPal in your smartphone. It’s the best way to count calories. When you start counting everything, losing weight and staying healthy becomes easy.

Make Your Bed Daily in the Morning After Waking Up

Seriously, I hate making my bed, too. But science has proved that small and minute accomplishments pump us up to achieve more. You’d feel good after making your bed, and this will set a good vibe for the day.

Think before you React or Speak 

Whenever you are about to tell or speak something that has some kind of “emotions” or feelings in it, just think for a millisecond. It’ll make a huge difference. Specially, you’ll end up controlling your anger and the stuff we say in anger and regret it afterwards.

Cut Negative People from Your Life 

Scan your social circle to detect negative people. These are the kinds of people who make you sad, emotionally drained and anxious. What to do about such people? Never ever meet them again.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Don’t compare yourself. Stop sweating over the fact that people are getting married and you are lying on your messy bed, single and cold. Every person has a context and peculiar personality in life.  Search on ways to how not to compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others is the source of unhappiness.

Differentiate between Feelings and Actions 

Never let your feelings steer your life and actions. Your actions are separate decisions you take to make your life what you want it to be. Never do anything just because you “feel” like it. Watch this amazing video.



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