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14 apps that will boost your productivity


Time is our most important resource. Whatever field you are working in, it is important to be able to organize your work to complete your tasks on time. To do this, you need to develop certain habits that will help you not be distracted by third-party things, as well as correctly allocate your time.

To help you with this difficult task, you can use specialized applications that aim to improve your work efficiency. For example, download various task planners, diaries, or you can get auto clicker apps, which will do all the work for you. Let’s take a look at the list of 14 great tools that you should try


Wunderlist is a simple task scheduler. It has a nice interface and good functionality. You can sort tasks by lists, add reminders to them, and so on.

It synchronizes with your phone, tablet, and computer. So you can track your to-do sheets on any device. Like every to-do, wunderlist has filters, subtasks, and notes.


A timer with which you can significantly increase your productivity. The work of the timer is based on the principle of Pomodoro, the essence of which – to share time for work and rest. In the classic version – it is 25 minutes of work and 3-5 minutes of rest. BeFocused is the timer that will control your work time and rest time.


It’s hard to overestimate the benefits of the diary. Many prominent people kept their diaries regularly. It helps someone to speak out and look at problems and joys from a different angle. Some people take notes to remember events more adequately. In any case, the best way to do this is to use an application. DayOne is one of the best diary services. The design and functionality of this app have inherited Apple’s traditions: minimalism, simplicity, and brevity.


While DayOne is more of a MacOs, Journey is ideal for Android and Windows users, although the app has both MacOs and iOs versions. The application has a nice design and quite rich functionality.


The leader among the apps for notes. Powerful service for creating notes and storing various information. Convenient sorting by notebook and tag makes the application the market leader. But there are a few drawbacks. It can be tied to only 2 devices: laptop – phone, phone – tablet, tablet – laptop, and so on. But for an additional fee, these restrictions can be removed.


Once you’ve tried Spark for mail, you won’t want to use anything else. Perhaps the best app for organizing mail. The service is free and designed for all popular operating systems. It would be desirable to note the function of smart incoming messages where the service sorts your letters as important.


It’s just to have an application for everyone who writes in English. It automatically checks your text for errors and offers correction options. In the free version, the application checks for grammar errors, and in the paid version it corrects lexical issues.


One of the most popular team messengers. With slack, you can easily organize communication of the whole team on different projects. You can create a huge number of chats, adding and excluding the users you need. Besides, you can join a lot of thematic chats on design, development, illustrations, and so on.


Password storage application. It makes it easy to remember passwords. You only need to remember one master password from an application that stores all other passwords. This is much safer than storing passwords in text editors or notes. A big plus is integration with browsers – once you unlock an application, you can enter your password with just one click.

Google Calendar

An application from Google giant company. Synchronization on all devices and platforms, ease of use – that’s why the application is listed among the best applications. The updated design will appeal even to seasoned perfectionists. Available for all devices and browsers.


There is a theory that 21 days should be allocated for fixing the habit. This is how long it takes to “get used” to a useful habit. Track your progress conveniently with Productive. The nice design and ease of use of this app will help you consolidate the necessary skills.


A tool with which you can merge applications into functional chains by distributing commands and tasks. For example, you can configure messages to be sent when you are in a particular location. Configure photos to be uploaded to a dropbox or google drive, create a bump from a video, and so on. The application that was purchased by Apple.


Another application for creating automatic recipes (chains of interaction). The application is deciphered as If This Then That. Here you can set up chains of interaction between different applications and services, not necessarily installed on your phone or computer. For example: “Save an article that came out on Sei Hai to Pocket” or “If I’m marked in a Facebook photo – save the image to Dropbox”. And there are a lot of such variations.


An app that makes life easier in the information world. When you come across a lot of interesting articles, the surest way is to save them in your Pocket to read them in transport or at any other convenient time. The app is cross-platform, available on Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, and all popular browsers.

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