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15 Internet Tools To Improve Your Marketing and Productivity Today

by Fahad Saleem

15 Internet Tools To Improve Your Marketing and Productivity Today

In this modern day, internet marketing can do you wonders. Gone are the days when people used to rely on ground tactics to gain the attention of the masses. The Internet is available to virtually everyone, but the fact still remains that not everybody knows how to get the best out of it. Personally free marketing tools are always my favorite because they work so easily. I just searched for some free marketing tools and here is a compiled list of 15 best marketing tools for all of your needs.
Research tools:

1-      Google Scholar

Google Scholar can help you find the best of the content and related items that you want to search on whichever topic you are interested in. It is very useful and helpful for all the subjects you want, whether it’s science, commerce and technology among others.

tools 1

2-      Open site explorer

This is an amazing tool which gives you the links you are looking for.

3-      Blog Topic generator:

I found this tool quite amazing. You can fill the “noun” blanks for your favorite content suggestions and it will give you a list. I asked for “Entertainment” and let me show you what it gave me:

  • 5 Best Blogs to Follow about Entertainment.
  • 7 Things about Entertainment Your Boss Wants to Know.
  • 20 Myths about Entertainment.
  • Miley Cyrus and Entertainment: 10 Surprising Things They Have In Common (and I was actually thinking to put this in this block and it appeared).
  • 10 Signs You Should Invest In Entertainment

Now you tell me which one I should start working on? Funny!

4-      Content Idea generator :

Put a general word with any meaning and it will give you relevant suggestions.

5-      Read ability:
I like this tool the most because it can convert the comprehensive words in to easy words so that you can read the stuff easily. Isn’t it cool then?

tools 2

6-      After the deadline:

After the deadline is a good tool to check in your spellings and grammatical mistakes.

7-      LinkedIn maps:

This tools tell you that how all of your LinkedIn connections are linked to each other.

8-      Read ability test tool:

Read ability test tool is an amazingly designed tool which gives you comparison of two reading materials or two website from where you want to drive the content.

Facebook tools:

9-      Fan Page Karma:

Fan karma is the tool which is completely all about competition between two Facebook fan pages. You can compare two pages and get to know about their engagements and their performances and make comparison.

10-   Conversation score:

This tool helps you in knowing about the performance of any Facebook page or the traffic on this page.

11-   Quick sprout:

Quick sprout gives analysis of all the famous social media websites. For example twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Twitter tools:


Latest is one of the best tools designed for twitter. This is not a common tool it gives you the link of the best tweets only. So enjoy it if you are a twitter lover.

tools 3

13-   Tweroid:

Tweroid is a nice tool for personal tweets analysis. It tells you the best of your tweet times. So enjoy this tool if you are a twitter freek.

14-   Shared count

This tool gives you the information about your blog content has been shared and you can also see if it has gone viral all around the globe.

tool 4

Miscellaneous Tools:


15-   Down for every one or just me?

This tool is very helpful when your internet connection or your website is down for work.


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