Event Recap: The Exponential Finance Conference At Lincoln Center

Singularity University and CNBC have partnered to bring you the Exponential Finance. A 2-day conference set to address the upcoming, game-changing technologies and the implications they have in the world of business. The event running from June10-11, 2014 in New York’s Alice Tully, Lincoln Center, will be exploring how accelerating technologies like artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, robotics and quantum computing are changing the business world.

On  June 11-12, Singularity University and CNBC partnered to bring you the Exponential Finance. This event covered the upcoming, game-changing technologies and the implications they have in the world of business. Topics included artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, robotics and quantum computing, Bitcoin and Crowd Funding.

The event attracted top experts and practitioners from high profile tech-companies like 3D Systems, D-Wave, Ayasdi, SAS, Bitcoin Investment Trust, IBM Watson and top women owned companies such as Crowdnetic, USA Network and Patriarch Partners. Discussions were held on a wide range of topics that included the following:

  1. Crowdfunding, which was moderated by Kay Koplovitz, Founder, USA Network. This panel featured Luan Cox, CEO/Co-Founder of Crowdnetic, Katie Fitzgerald, Manager, Business Development, CircleUp and Chance Barnett, CEO of Crowdfunder: This session focused on changes being witnessed in the capital landscape, the unfolding regulatory hurdles, threats of disintermediation for conventional capital players and the financial services providers.
  2. Cybersecurity: The exponential nature of online crimes in the 21st century that involves identity theft, bio-crime, fraud, theft and corporate vulnerabilities.
  3. Digital Currencies: Peer-to-peer banking, smart contracts, digital derivatives, wire-based settlement, cross-border payments and new emerging asset classes.
  4. Artificial Intelligence: The increasing influence of risk analysis, auditing, tax and asset allocation through account aggregation, credit evaluation, sentiment analysis and high trading frequency.

The speakers at this event included Gurjeet Singh, Barry Sillbert, Kay Koplovitz, Ric Edelman, Peter Diamandis, Lynn Tilton and Stacy Warden. The speakers shared their insights through panel sessions, presentations, fireside chats and intimate Q&As. Below is a video on the BEAM technology that made an appearance at the conference:

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Individuals in attendance at the conference have gained new relationships, insights and concepts for their business. But most important, participants gained an in-depth understanding of exponential technologies, the on-going explosions of digital information, the ever increasing pace of change and what individuals and companies have to  do in order to be prepared for this disruption.

During the event, we asked the Women panelist and speakers what advice would they give to women entrepreneurs that want to enter the Exponential Finance market:

  • –“Springboard has assisted over 500 high-growth, women-led companies over 14 years and has raised $6.5B in capital. When women are looking to become entrepreneurs, they should build with a team such as ours.” – Kay Koplovitz, Founder/USA Network.
  • –“Don’t just find the right elevator pitch, share your story and your energy will resonate well with investors and customers,” – Katie Fitzgerald, Manager, Business Development, CircleUp
  • –“As I look to see where I’ve come from, I feel inspired by what I’ve accomplished. For that reason, Crowdnetic created a report that tracks women owned business.  – Luan Cox, CEO/Co-Founder of Crowdnetic. Click here to be inspired by what women are accomplishing.
  • –“In your quest for entrepreneurship, do not lose who you are as a women, as you accomplish your goals. Find a niche, I started with what others tossed away. Also, find a team of supporters, women standing shoulder to shoulder is the greatest force of nature.  – Lynn Tilton, CEO/Patriarch Partners


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