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20% OFF These Amazing PD Fast Chargers, PLUS up to 50% More OFF During Prime Day Week


Customers can try their luck with Kovol’s spinning wheel activity to get a supercharged discount!

Kovol are offering some sweet discounts off their GaN chargers this Prime week. In addition to a generous 20% discount everyone can get, users can spin a lucky wheel for the chance of an additional boosted discount up to 50%, giving the possibility of a MASSIVE 70% discount. Don’t miss this one-time chance to scoop a great deal on a desktop or wall charger!

The first offering is the Sprint 65W PD 4-Port GaN Desktop Charger$49.99

The Kovol Sprint 65W is the versatile charger that will charge all devices… and keep desktops tidy.

Featuring 2 USB-C ports and 2 USB-A ports, it provides all the charging versatility needed and can charge a single MacBook Pro 15.4″ from 0–100% in just 2 hours when utilizing the full 65W.

Other features of the Sprint 65W desktop charger:

  • 4-in-1 compact design for easy carrying
  • Smart power allocation for optimized charging of MacBook Air & iPhone
  • Pioneering GaN II tech for efficient power transfer

The next product from Kovol is the Sprint 25W PD Wall Charger $19.99

The Sprint 25W features PPS fast-charging capabilities that can charge a Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra up to 50% in just 26 minutes.

Other features of the Sprint 25W wall charger:

  • 25% smaller than original charger with foldable pins
  • Latest PD 3.0 & PPS charging protocols
  • Comes with a USB-C cable

And it’s not only these models that are available with generous discounts. Check out these others too…

  • 120W PD 4-port GaN desktop charger KV-PC001 $899 (Up to 30% off)
  • 40W PD 2-port wall charger KV-PC009 $25.99 (Up to 42% off)
  • 65W PD 2-port GaN wall chargerKV-PC007 $32.99 (Up to 35% off)
  • 65W PD GaN wall charger KV-PC015 $32.99 (Up to 35% off)
  • 140W PD 2-port GaN wall charger KV-PC019 $89.99 (Up to 42% off)

All Kovol charging products are suitable for use in the US, Canada and Japan.

Spin the Lucky Wheel

In addition to the 20% OFF discount, a further discount of up to 50% is available with the Kovol lucky spinning wheel! Starting a week before Prime day on the Kovol website , and continuing for a week afterwards, customers will be able to supercharge their discounts or get a free gift!

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

  • Special Prize: a free Kovol 20W charger (KV-PC014)
  • First Prize: 70% off
  • Second Prize: 50% off
  • Third Prize: 30% off

About Kovol:

Making life smarter and smoother – That’s why Kovol came into being.

Kovol is the latest brand in fast charging and is owned by Stiger Group, a supplier to Anker and RAVPower. Kovol has been recommended by ZDNet and XDA.

With a dedicated R&D center, we have been granted up to 65 patents and become a specialist in the portable device charging industry since 2008. Kovol manufactures flagship-level smart charging devices with up-to-date technologies and sleek designs – it’s our ambition to be awesomely customer-centric and stay true to human-centered ideas.

Live Simpler.

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