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The 2018 Dell XPS 13 with 4K Display and 8th Gen Intel chip now available for orders

by Felix Omondi
2018 dell xps 13

At the CES 2018, Dell announced an updated Dell XPS 13, a revamped version of the XPS 13 released at CES 2015. The earlier version was an instant hit when it first came out back in 2015, and the just-released and revamped version addresses some of the small kinks users were complaining about on the first version.

The Dell new XPS 13 comes with upgraded internals and is now available in white color for those looking to make a statement with their laptops. The previous version was only available in carbon fiber, which meant Dell was limited in terms of the color scheme. The new XPS 13’s body is made out of an innovative crystalline silica material, which enabled the white color to be literally woven into it; just like a piece of fabric, it has nine composite layers. Dell was quick to point out that they are the first OEM to weave glass fiber onto a laptop.

The improvements on the new Dell XPS 13 compared to the earlier version

Other than the outstanding white look, under the hood, Dell has also revamped some features, but before we pop the hood up. Let us look at the bezel. The first XPS 13 came with an already impressive thin bezel. Well, in the new XPS 13 the bezel has gotten even thinner (30% thinner) by 3.4mm.2018 dell xps 13

The new XPS 13 is also much lighter than the original model. It starts at 2.7 pounds  (1.2kg) and comes with the latest 8th Generation Quad Core chip and SSD onboard storage of up to 1TB. According to Dell, the new laptop can give you up to 20 hours battery life on FHD and 11 hours on UHD.

The company has also addressed the issue of heat management. The new XPS 13 is the first laptop in the world to feature the GORE Thermal Insulation; the same silica aerogel that is being used in high-tech science and extreme engineering environment to diffuse and dissipate heat. It is the same heat insulation being used in Mars Rovers and the Stardust Probe for Hyper Velocity Particle capture.

Consumers have the option between Full HD and a new 4K Ultra HD display. It also comes with new Windows Hello authentication capability; the new XPS 13 features an infrared camera for easy login to your Microsoft account. It also comes with an integrated digital microphone that enhances Cortana voice recognition capabilities.

You can order the new 2018 Dell XPS 13 laptop from Microsoft Store or at The starting price is $999.99.

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