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2018 iPad Pro features just leaked out

by Felix Omondi
2018 iPad Pro features just leaked out

Just a few hours ago, key features of the anticipated iPad Pro models were just leaked out. Some might call it accidental, but I think it is by design. Especially when you consider the fact that today, is Google big day when they will be launching a new Chromebook that could run Windows 10 in the near future.

I say it is by design, in that it is meant of steals some of the spotlight away from Google. Yes, we know Apple will be launching two new tablets later this month, but the timing of this leak is suspicious.2018 iPad Pro features just leaked out

Be that as it may, let us now delve into the supposed feature coming in the next iPad Pro. According to 9to5Mac, the new iPad will come in two sizes, and they will both have the two option of cellular and Wi-Fi internet access.

As far as the Wi-Fi subject goes, the two iPads are also reported will come with Wi-FI versions codenamed iPad8,1, iPad8,2, iPad8,5, and iPad8,6. The cellular models are also codenamed iPad8,3, iPad8,4, iPad8,7, and iPad 8,8.

The iPads will have the same design as iPhone X

According to the rumors, both iPad Pro models will have the same screen design as the iPhone X, except for the notch. They will also have a thin bezel, which will also be wide enough to fit the Face ID camera; and that would probably mean there won’t be a home button because of lack of space.

The image signal processors powering the 2018 iPhones will also be the ones powering the Face ID camera on the new iPad Pros. It is also rumored the new iPad will support Face ID unlock feature in both portrait and landscape mode. Though when setting up the Face ID, you will need the iPad to be in portrait mode. Which begs the question, does landscape authentication require extra special hardware for Face ID to work?

The new iPads will also feature also include USB-C and the ability to output 4K HDR videos to external monitors via a new port not available in previous versions. It is however not clear if the USB-C will be just for data transfer or also include the ability to charge the device. If it charges the device, there will be no need for the Lightning connector cable anymore. Perhaps the same USB-C will be used to charge the new Apple Pencil as well. Yes, there are rumors that the 2018 iPads will come with new Apple Pencils.

The iPads will also have a magnetic connector at the back, which will make it possible to connect new accessories, including a rumored new Smart Keyboard. Also, under the panel (also refreshed), you will have the Settings app controlling things like screen share, resolution, HDR, brightness and other things. Of course, all these remains as rumors, to be confirmed by the end of this month.

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