2019 Mobile Games You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

2019 Mobile Games You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Mobile gaming has come a long way from the first game that we all fell in love with on our Nokia phones, Snake to today’s world of high-speed data and graphical prowess of handheld devices or smartphones.

At the present, mobile gaming has emerged as the largest and the fastest-growing segment in the gaming industry with 2.1 billion mobile gamers worldwide. And according to recent figures from GamingScan, $68.5 Bn or 45% of video game revenues actually come from mobile games.

Back in the days, it was all about getting the best hardware to build our personal computers, laptops, and consoles to match our gaming needs, but today, bulky gear are no longer necessary to have a seamless, connected, and enjoyable gaming experience.

So, if you’re one of those 2.1 billion mobile gamers in the world, we got you. Check out these five mobile games that you should try. We can’t guarantee you’d be able to put your phone down after playing these!

Recently Released

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has finally released Mario Kart Tour, the fourteenth in the franchise of the Mario Kart series. The gameplay might be a little different from the conventional multiplayer racing competitions we know, but Nintendo confirms that the multiplayer feature is yet to be released soon. For now, have fun gearing up your engine and finishing a series of cups as Mario Kart introduces new tracks for every tour.

Certainly, one can never talk about kart racing without mentioning Mario Kart. It’s a beloved classic kart racing game that we’re all dying to get our hands on! So, go ahead and grab the wheel by downloading Mario Kart Tour on Google Play or the App Store.

Call of Duty: Mobile

We’ve always wanted to get a mobile version of Call of Duty and now it has finally happened! Our favorite first-person shooter game that has set the bar for shooter games on PC and console has now arrived with a portable mobile gaming experience and no, it’s not a watered-down adaptation of the CoD we’ve known and loved. If anything, the mobile version was actually impressive with its high frame rate, sharp graphics, and a touch controls that work amazingly well.

Minecraft Earth (AR)

After Pokemon Go, we have all been left waiting for the next innovation in augmented reality. Here comes, Minecraft Earth. Who would have thought that it was actually possible to play Minecraft in an almost real-life setting? With Minecraft Earth and your built-in smartphone camera, you can now collaborate with other players to build structures on “Buildplates” and explore the “Play mode” together with 3D holograms in life-sized forms! Isn’t that amazing? Now, you get to express your creative side more freely, and the best part? You can feel what it’s like to walk through your own fortress!

Upcoming Titles to Watch Out For

Plants vs. Zombies 3

Do you like killing zombies but not in a gory kind of way? Well then, good news! The Plants vs. Zombies is set for a comeback as Popcap has officially announced that Plants vs. Zombies 3 is currently in the works. I know we all miss this riveting strategy game with all its flamboyant sense of humor and its creative rendition of horticulture. However, there hasn’t been a scheduled release yet.

Diablo Immortal

The legendary demon-slaying franchise PC game, Diablo, is now going to be available on your smartphone with Diablo Immortal. Although not much has been said yet, aside from its official trailer, it seems like Diablo Immortal is going to be a spin-off rather than a direct sequel. From the gameplay trailer itself, it also appears that it’s going to be a massively multiplayer game where players can easily hop on and off the gameplay sessions. So far, that’s all we know for now but we’re hoping that the mobile version is not going to disappoint us!

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