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2020Shift Launches An On- & Offline Training Program More Than Code for Minorities in Tech

2020Shift Launches An On- & Offline Training Program More Than Code for Minorities in Tech

There are over 250,000 hybrid technology roles created in the past one year alone. Some are high-growth position that requires various skill sets like marketing, business and technical. They also offer promising careers in the future.

When it comes to leveraging on these tech career opportunities, Blacks, Latinos and/or women are largely underrepresented and often stand at a disadvantage when trying to venture into such careers.

In a bid to help this underserved communities leverage on the emerging opportunities within the tech/digital space. 2020Shift has partnered with the co-working space Alley, to launch a More Than Code; a 6-week training program to address the digital/tech skills gap holding the underserved communities back.

More Than Code curriculum has been designed by the 2020Shift team in collaboration with their educational company partners including Buffer, Greenhouse, Pandora, Techstars and Uncubed.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have Buffer involved with More Than Code. The thing that stood out the most to me about this program is that the founder and CEO, Ariel Lopez, saw a huge need and jumped to make it happen,” said Courtney Seiter, Inclusivity Catalyst at Buffer.

The whole Buffer team is pumped to be aligned with a program that shares our philosophy of taking immediate and impactful action around inclusivity in tech; we see awesome things ahead for More Than Code.”

Ariel Lopez, Chief Executive at 2020Shift added: “2020Shift understands that in order to diversify the tech economy we must teach underrepresented groups the skills they need to be successful in the industry. Our program is focused on providing participants with access to a curriculum tailored to market needs, instructors and mentors that look like them, and opportunities for professional development. We are thrilled to help more people transition into hybrid tech roles and are working with our partners to assist them in this process.”

What makes More Than Code different from what’s already out in the market is the program’s instructors, who reflect the students in race, ethnicity and/or gender expression/identity. Through these affordable courses and workshops, 2020Shift’s goal is to empower the next generation of innovators.

More Than Code students will receive a bevy of real-industry preparation, including client work, invaluable team-building skills and hands-on development training. Students will also receive career coaching, one-on-one time recruiters, resume and LinkedIn support and access to the 2020Shift employment network, among other offerings.

“I applaud 2020Shift. Their work to create a diverse pipeline is essential when organizations are facing acute talent shortages in digital and media roles,” says Daniel Chait, CEO at Greenhouse. “Helping companies be more inclusive is great for everyone involved, helps solve an important challenge and is something we at Greenhouse believe in deeply. A lot of work is needed to close the diversity gap in organizations. I encourage companies to take a first step and support organizations like 2020Shift and programs like More Than Code.”

Inclusivity in the tech space is vital, notes Techstars Managing Director Jenny Fielding.

“Super excited about the work that Ariel and 2020Shift are doing to help companies be more inclusive and foster diversity,” says Fielding. “The mission aligns well with Techstars and our commitment to making tech more inclusive for everyone.”

Tech staffing agency ISPOSSIBLE in Tech is invested in diversifying the space, and will help More Than Code students with job readiness and placement opportunities. Their executive team will serve as 2020Shift’s Board of Directors.

“Everyone is working to solve the diversity problem; unfortunately, so many proposed ‘solutions’ feel too farsighted, not providing any actionable change for 10­20 years,” says Tiffany Roesler, CEO at ISPOSSIBLE in Tech. “2020Shift can make a real difference within six weeks with More Than Code. These programs offer value to partners by creating a source to reach underrepresented minority candidates. In addition, partners gain the opportunity to build retention and leadership opportunities within their organizations by having current employees serve as guest instructors.”

The More Than Code curriculum will launch in April with two training programs, which include digital marketing and user experience design, housed at Alley. “Having started Alley in New York, it’s been incredible to see a diverse group of entrepreneurs and companies that have been members or launched companies at Alley,” says Alley founder Nsi Obotetukudo. “There’s been a lot of discussion around tech companies building and hiring more diverse teams and we feel that is really important to the New York tech ecosystem. 2020Shift and the More Than Code program is solving this problem in a very strategic and intentional way. We are proud and excited to have their team and their students as a part of Alley’s community.”

Courses are priced at $1495, and discounts and need­based scholarships are available. With access being a core focus for the 2020Shift team, an online offering, powered by leading startup­career and education company Uncubed, will be available.

“Creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce requires that education and opportunities be accessible to all. 2020Shift is offering a transformative program for students who wouldn’t otherwise have access to advance themselves personally and professionally, and we’re excited for Uncubed to join these efforts as an educational provider,” says Brian Shoicket, Director of University and Community Programs at Uncubed. “Together, and with support from our employer partners, the digital skills taught through More Than Code will be accessible through our online education platform ­ for free ­ so that anyone with Internet can move closer toward their dream job.”

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