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Apps Roundup: Best New Android, iPhone Apps and Games You Can’t Miss

by Fahad Saleem

A lot of new apps have hit the app stores of both Android and iOS. Let’s have a look at some of the best new Android and iPhone apps which you should check out.

Foodie (iOS)

Foodie is a great new iOS app which lets you add remarkable filters to all your food photos. If you are hanging out and want to post pictures of that delicious taco, your weekend drinks, ice cream or coffee, Foodie lets you add all the images at one place and then you can add filters to the photos on the go. There are filters like “Crispy”, “BBQ”. There are more than 26 filters. You can just snap and share, and do not need any photo editing skills. You can make any normal food look great using Foodie.

foodie 1 foodie 2

Stack (iOS)

Stack is an addictive game with a simple plot: you just have to stack the fragile block on each other and make big towers. The music effects of this game are outstanding. The graphics are crisp and graceful.

stack 2


Weather by Tinybop (iOS)

Weather by Tinybop is a unique and beautiful app with an amazing idea. You can teach your kids (and learn yourself too) about all the weather dynamics. You can learn how the weather changes, what happens when rain falls, how clouds form. It features a beautiful atmospheric model where the wind is blowing, temperature goes up and down. You can zoom in and see how raindrops and snowflakes form.

weather app 2

weather app 3

weather app

Everalbum (Android)

I do not usually cover photo apps, mainly because there are countless photo apps and people don’t need more of them. But it turns out there was a basic need unfulfilled and Android users can now feel at peace. Everalbum app for Android puts all your photos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets at one place to facilitate you in accessing them easily

.everalbum 1

Manything (Android, iOS)

Manything is a great app for Android and iOS which lets you use the real power of Internet of Things and take a step towards Smart Home. How? Install Manything app in your (spare) device, connect the device to wifi, launch camera, press the record button and that’s it. The device will work as a security camera. It uses special sensors to detect things moving around it. It live streams the video to multiple devices and logs daily reports.


Otto (iOS)

Podcasts unlock a whole new world of knowledge and insights, and if you are into them, this app is for you. Otto app gives you thousands of sources of podcasts, searches the best podcasts according to your areas of interests and showcase them in front of you within seconds. It is an extremely useful app. It is free.

otto otto 3

Guides by Lonely Planet (Android)

This Guides app is a must have for travelers and vagabonds. This app guides you to every nook and corner of the world. Maps, food places, travel guides, bus stop, routes, you name it. This app is a package; all that for free.

These were some of the best new Android, iPhone apps and games. Feel I missed something? Shoot your feedback and suggestions in the comments below and also tell us which app you liked the most.

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