How to Control Android Phone from Computer Mac or Windows Free [No Root Required]

Android is the most used mobile platform around the world. It is famous because of its flexibility and ease of use. Literally endless possibilities exist around Android, and you can do what you can think of. If you want to control your Android phone with your computer, PC, you are at the right place because in this article I will explain you how to control Android phone from PC. There are countless reasons why would one want to control phone from PC. You might be too lazy to stretch yourself to reach that phone, or just want to do multitasking like doing sms, playing games, downloading all from your PC. You can play mobile games on your PC, send texts to your friends and bae without even touching your phone.

You can control Android phone from PC easily using a lot of mobile apps, but I will list down the best ones. They are free and help you by giving you a full control of your mobile phone from your PC.


Vysor is the best free app to control Android phone from your Windows PC or Mac. It is a Chrome extension. You can install this extension in your Google Chrome in Windows or Mac and control your phone easily. You can open files of your mobile on your computer, play mobile games on your PC, open photos and edit or send them and much more.

In order to use Vysor to control phone from computer, you need to connect your phone with your computer via the data cable. No rooting is required and the extension is absolutely free.


Mobizen is another great way to control Android with computer. The best thing about this app is that you can control Android from your computer wirelessly too. You can also connect your phone to your computer via USB Cable and control the phone.

Using mobizen you can completely mirror your Android phone on your Windows computer, PC or Mac.

The app is super-easy to setup and no rooting is required.

If you want fast and glitch-free experience, the best way to use mobizen is to connect your phone to your computer. The wired connection abates all the traffic delays and packet loss.

Just download the app in your computer and mobile. Your phone and computer must be connected to the same WiFi network if you want to control the phone wirelessly. Otherwise, you can always connect the phone with the wire.

This amazing app works in a unique way. You will actually see the computer Android device with screen in front of you on your computer. You can actually drag and drop elements/apps from the mobile screen, perform direct functions on them mobile screen, record screen a lot more.

You don’t even need to install the app on your computer. You can simply open the Mobizen website whenever you want to control your phone, login with your credentials and control the phone.

You can use the above apps and ways to control your phone from computer. So next time you are in office and reluctant to play games or messages in front of your boss, just use the above apps and keep using mobile from computer. Share your feedback in the comments.

Images: Venturebeat, Mobizen

Fahad Saleem

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