Best Affordable US Cities for Millennials to Start Their Careers

Most of the millennials daydream about landing a high paying fancy tech or management job, getting a dream apartment in the Bay area and living happily ever after. But the reality is brutally different from this. After graduating from college, you cannot afford New York or California unless you have a real skill or experience to make you stand out. That’s why people are looking to other states and cities which have some amazing job and business opportunities, soothing environment and less cost. If you want to kick-start your career, do not want to compromise quality and want to live in a city which is teeming with business and job opportunities, you have a good news. There are many cities where you can flourish in the early stages of your career. Credit Sesame, a web based fermium tool has recently sorted out a list of cities which are best for millennials to start their careers. The list is based on metrics like median household income, median rent price, unemployment rate, average student-loan balance, and average credit-card balance. Let’s get started.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is the tenth best city to start your career. The median household income here is$46,439 and rent is $969 per month on average. Unemployment rate is just over 12%.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Apart from beautiful sceneries, the media income is $53,274, media rent is just $902 per month and unemployment rate is just 10%.

Portland, Oregon

Average household income here is $53,230 and you can spend a month in a nice apartment because the media rent is around $920.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

It is fairly easy to land a job in this city as the unemployment rate is just 9%. Median household income is $50,767 and average rent is around $850 a month.

Austin, Texas

With an unemployment rate just over 6%, Austin, Texas is a promising place for young graduates. However, the media rent is a bit high, $1,012 per month.  Median household income here is $55,216

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, another city of Texas state is teeming with job opportunities. The median income is $43,359 and rent is close to idea, $852 per month

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the best place to be if you are young and want to start a promising career. The unemployment rate here is around 6%. The average median household income is $67,365.

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