Best CSS Libraries for Amazing Hover Effects Over Images, Buttons, Text, Websites

Modern software development is all about designing. If your website or app is attractive enough to grasp the attention of the visitor, you are in for a treat. Clickable areas on your website or app are the real sweet spots which give you click throughs and sales. Gone are the days when designers or web developers used to just highlight the text or image on hover. You can add hundreds of hover effects these days. You can add hover effects like fade in, fade out, pop-ups, animations, hinge effects, spotlight reveals, wobbles, bounces. If you are looking for CSS libraries for best hover effects, you are at the right place. Let’s check out the best CSS libraries for hover effects.

Best CSS Libraries for Amazing Hover Effects

Image Hover Effects Library

Image hover effects library has more than 16 effects. These hover effects are all based around images. In this library, you will get to see all the hover effects in the visual form. Just click on “Show code” to see the code. Copy paste the code and change it accordingly.

Image Caption Hover

This library is based on CSS3 transitions and transformations. When you go to the images, a caption (text) shows nicely. This is a great library to design a website that has minimum text to show at the first glance.


iHover library has not less than 30 effect which you could use on image and text hovers. They are all powered by CSS3. There are hover effects like CSS3 and 20 circle effects.

Image Hover

This library contains 44 effects made with pure CSS. You can add effects like reveal, hinges, zooms, blur and flip, shutters and shakes using this library.

Hover Effect Ideas

This is an amazing CSS library for hover effects. When you hover your mouse over text or image with this library, the text or photo could expand to show more icons and items in it. Tutorials and codes of this library are available.

Hover CSS

This CSS hover library is supportive of buttons. You can add 2D transitions, background transitions, border, Shadow and Glow transitions easily with this library. Apart from CSS, this library is also up for Sass and LESS.


This great library has over 100 effects. You can add captions, details and overlays when you hover around on text or image with the help of Animatism.

Caption Hover Effect

This CSS hover effects library contains more than 7 effects which could be used to add transitions and smooth effects over pictures, buttons and text.

These are the best CSS libraries to use hover effects over buttons, text, pictures and other items in websites. Tell us which effects you love the most during your web development processes.

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