3 Best Courses to Learn AI and Get a High-Paying AI Job Without Experience

Everyone is talking about AI these days. Data suggests that generative AI alone could become a $1.3 trillion market by 2032. As companies begin to make AI systems and deploy generative AI solutions, they need AI talent to get the job done. AI salaries are going through the roof now, prompting everyone to ask how to get AI jobs without experience? Reddit is the base place to get answers to such questions since hundreds of people share their actual experience on the platform every week. For this article we scoured several Reddit threads to find out the best courses to learn AI and machine learning to get a job in AI.

Machine Learning in Production by Andrew Ng

Redditors recommend targeting Machine learning operations (MLOps) if you want to get into IT. Machine learning operations (MLOps) involves coding to automate and simplify machine learning (ML) workflows. One of the best machine learning AI courses recommended by Reddit is Machine Learning in Production by Andrew Ng. The course takes just 5 hours per week and spans about one month. You will learn machine learning and data pipelines, data modeling and deployment.  Andrew NG is the co-founder of Coursera, with about one million Twitter followers. You can check out this course outline and syllabus details here

Daniel Bourke’s YouTube channel

With about 188K subscribers, Daniel Bourke’s YouTube channel is packed with valuable information for those who want to learn AI/machine learning and start developing tech projects to show case their experience for entry-level jobs. Daniel actually shows you real-life AI projects he makes and delves deeper to share how it’s done. For example, some latest videos you’ll find on the channel include Using AI to build a Pokédex for Food and Your NVIDIA GPU can power a free ChatGPT (Chat with RTX).

Practical Python for AI Coding 1

Practical Python for AI Coding 1 is one of the best AI courses for beginners recommended by Reddit. The course, available on Coursera, is for complete beginners and will show you how to do coding in Python. The course introduces students to Python syntaxes, functions, and libraries that were frequently used in AI coding.

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