3 Big Changes Coming to Tech in 2020

3 Big Changes Coming To Tech In 2020

Technology has changed over the last few years at an alarming rate, and although emerging technologies bring about innovative new products and services, there can be challenges too. Let’s look at some of the industries that we’re likely to see big changes to in the new year and see what challenges we might be facing alongside.

Revolution: The Internet of Things

The term ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT has been referred to as the next industrial revolution and looks poised to drastically change how we live and work in the coming years. In short, the Internet of things is the connectivity of electrical items via the internet and encompasses all manner of different products and technologies. The electronic goods we use daily such as watches, printers, and even curtains, are now able to be connected to the internet, and because of this, we’re seeing changing demands being placed on the electronic items that consumers are purchasing. Smaller products require advanced design, and when it comes to electronics, HDI design allows for far more efficient use of the available space on a printed circuit board. For those working in the electronics industry, advances in technology like this are incredibly important, and a sea change in the way in which products are designed and developed is already on the horizon.

Innovation: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the ability for a computer program to be able to learn and develop in a similar way to that of a human brain, computers that can think learn and grow just like us. The Rise of AI has been a long time coming, and like something from a science fiction novel looks set to bring a complete change to the technology we’re used to. Radical changes appear to be on the way for the transport industry, and with the evolution of driverless cars, we may well be chauffeured to work on our daily commute within the next decade. Some have suggested that Artificial Intelligence might pose a very real threat to humans and have proposed a dystopian idea of a future where machines are in the driving seat. Professor Stephen Hawking has stated that AI could be the ‘worst event in human history’. Regardless of predictions, AI looks set to stay, and in the coming years, we’re likely to see its integration into many of the products we use daily.

Speed: 5g Networks are on the way

We are always looking for the next big thing, and it doesn’t come any bigger than the upcoming 5g network. Faster internet will no doubt bring about massive changes to how we browse the internet, and as search engine specialists, this is something we’re excited about. Streaming sites such as Netflix and Curiosity Stream have completely revolutionized how mainstream media is consumed and owe a large portion of their huge success to increased browsing capabilities. Who knows what changes we’ll see come out of the improved connections, but for sure, they will promote and facilitate innovative ideas in the coming years.

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