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3 Drafting Strategies For Fantasy Football


Fantasy football is a game that has grown both in popularity and complexity. You get to own a team and manage it. The players are based on the real-life players of the National Football League (NFL). Knowing the ins and outs of the game gives you an upper hand in terms of winning. Strategy and a clear understanding of the game are essential parts of playing. Here are a few strategies to consider.

Get Statistics

All great strategies were first based on data. Statistics are the best way to plan out your drafts and games. You may be a nerd that enjoys collecting data and making tallies. If you are good at it, it may even be a way to start a small business offering valuable advice and tips to fantasy football fans. You can quickly get started with the appropriate agencies, such as West Palm Beach SEO, helping you out.

If research is not your thing, that’s okay. You can get second-hand information from experts who deliver their content in various ways. Listening to podcasts such as the fantasy football counselor podcast is a great and simple way to get data. They are both entertaining and offer value.

Pile Up Running Backs

Loading up on running backs is probably one of the most applied strategies of fantasy football drafts. This strategy is popular because running backs are crucial for the game. They usually take on close to 70% of all the workload. Essentially, this means that running backs are the workhorses of the game, which is why careful thought needs to be put into the choice. Here are some key things to remember when stockpiling on running backs.

  • Go for a running back that can handle the workload.
  • Avoid players who have had countless opportunities to prove themselves and still haven’t.
  • Be careful when selecting rookies. Some may be the next best thing, while others may not. Trust your gut for this one.
  • Stockpile as early as possible. Running backs are scarce, and they play a crucial role. The more running backs you have, the more you can use on the roster.
  • Consider running backs for the earlier rounds in the game.
  • Stockpiling running backs also have the added advantage of stability. You can end up with some solid players that might break out during the season.
  • Having depth in running backs will be helpful because they provide trading material.

Tight Ends

These tend to be the lowest scoring fantasy position. It is wise to save the decision until the middle of the draft. Focusing on other players such as running backs may be best earlier on.

However, for some leagues, tight ends can be rewarding. In such cases, it’s best to select three top tight ends, although finding a difference-making tight end isn’t easy. A great tight end will help generate solid points in the game.

Wrapping Up

The strategies to be implemented when playing fantasy football are numerous. Trying to make a decision, especially while drafting, can be confusing sometimes. Follow the advice of experts to help you make informed decisions.

The game is about risks. Learn to enjoy the surprises that come along the way and learn from them.

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