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3 Reasons to Invest in User Interface


The benefits of a good user interface design are almost incalculable. So important is the UI to the success of a mobile application or a website that we might argue it’s the single most important element of any digital product.

To demonstrate this, put yourself in the users’ shoes for a minute.

Imagine a mobile application that’s supposed to simplify a process but it’s hard to navigate through. Or a website that sells unique products online but doesn’t load fully on mobile or pops up clunky and sluggish forms.

Would you, as a user stick around for long, or look for better options online? Most people would opt for the latter.

The goal of a user interface design is to make digital interaction as simple, fluid, efficient, and intuitive as possible. If your site’s UI can’t achieve that, then it’s doomed from the word ‘go.’ Here are a few reasons why you should invest in UI.

1. Great Design is Good for Business

In the words of Milton Glaser, a renowned graphic designer, there are three responses to any piece of design work—Yes, No, or Wow!

Great design is the one that will give your customers a ‘Wow’ factor. If the branding, layout, button placement, graphics, and color schemes are done right, your customers will have a reason to stay longer and explore your site’s offerings. This often leads to an increase in sales.

But not everyone can design a stunning UI. If you’re not a UI/UX designer, fret not. There are many user interface design companies that can help to transform your app or website into a masterpiece—making it fast, navigable, and intuitive for consumers to use.

2. A Great UI Simplifies Everything

Interacting with your website should be a pleasure, not a chore.

One good thing about having a great UI is that it simplifies everything on your website—from searching to navigation to making inquiries and more. This enables users to complete tasks with ease, which helps to reduce bounce rate and increase user engagement.

Simplifying processes means users won’t have to navigate through a network of pages to purchase a product or re-enter the information they’ve already provided to complete a task. 

3. A Great UI Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the forte of every great UI design.

How UI/UX benefits your business isn’t something unknown. If a customer uses your website or mobile app and ends up having a great experience, they’re bound to visit again. Things like graphics and navigational components if done well can provide a memorable user experience. 

For more information on the importance of UI/UX design and where to find user experience design companies, contact UX Planet or visit their website.

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