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Clueless & Confused? 3 Smart Resources for the Not-So-Tech-Savvy

by TheBossMoves

black-woman-stressed-at-computer601-376Clueless & Confused? 3 Smart Resources for the Not-So-Tech-Savvy

We all utilize technology, but like many aspects of life, we aren’t all experts in using it. Whether you’re used to your usual routines and aren’t up on the latest trends or tools that can make your life a whole lot easier, or you simply can’t be bothered with confusion and bewilderment wasting your precious time, here are a few resources for professional and entrepreneurs who may not be quick with the tech savvy. This easy-to-use service makes conference calls less painfully annoying (especially if you’ve just purchased the latest cellphone and don’t yet know how to click over to conference in someone.) You can have calls internationally as well as domestically, and consider using StartMeeting, a new audio and web conferencing service that incorporates state-of-the-art features including screen sharing of files, spreadsheets, presentations, and other content; cloud-based meeting recording and playback; and a customizable online Meeting Wall. Want to learn more about how to get your business to pop up first on the Web or get more viewers to your blog? What you need to learn SEO. This site provides forums, news and other resources from real people to keep you in the know—without too much techie jargon or over-your-head concepts.

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