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3 Tips for Perfect Service in the Online Store


If a company doesn’t have a site today, it doesn’t exist. An online platform is a great way to promote a bitcoin bookmaker, a massage salon, or a shop. If you have an online store, your service also must be great. Follow these tips, to make service better for your customers.

A Functional and User-Friendly Website

An online store’s website is the first point of contact with the customer and one of the most important components of service in the online sphere.

What should be looked at in the first place:

  • Navigation.
  • Registration and order forms.
  • Typography, design.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Contact information.
  • Answers to questions.

Availability and Diversity of Communication Channels

The majority of customer inquiries in e-commerce falls on email and telephone communication. But this doesn’t mean that you need to maintain communication only in these ways.

Messages should be received and handled in a variety of available channels:

  • Social networks.
  • Messengers.
  • Feedback forms and online chats on the site.

Focus on the communication methods that are most preferred by your target audience. The choice should be sufficient, but you should not be too scattered either.Be present only where there is a target customer.

Prompt Online Support Service

To solve any problem, online store customers often call the contact center. Therefore, it is important to create a separate channel to receive these calls. If the budget allows, you can think about developing your own call center.

There are also alternative options:

  • Hire a separate manager to advise customers over the phone. To do this you need to prescribe sales scripts, teach the employee the basic principles of communication, motivate and monitor him.
  • Outsource the calls to a third party company. In this case, trained specialists from the existing call center will answer customers, but the service will have to be paid for.

The main tasks of employees who are responsible for sales by telephone are polite communication with customers, quick reaction to a problem, and round-the-clock service. Appeals can be divided into several levels. For example, simple, which can be solved by novice specialists, and complex – they are transferred to more experienced employees.

It would be great if customers could contact the contact center not only by phone, but also via messenger, chat, social networking, or an application. Robotization will help ensure quality round-the-clock service.

Robots speed up the service process by quickly confirming orders and delivery dates, and informing about changes in the company’s work.

Besides, it is possible to automate online support through a chat-bot. Customers can get instant replies with templates on the assortment, addresses and working hours of the store, pickup points, and so on.

The chatbot would be a great functional addition to the call center. Yet, you should always be able to quickly contact the operator. Capricious customers don’t like inaccurate and inappropriate answers, especially when it’s a serious or urgent problem.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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