3 Ways You Can Make Your Small Business Sustainable

3 Ways You Can Make Your Small Business Sustainable

Growing an eco-friendly business is a great incentive to reach a whole new sector of environmentally conscious consumers, allowing you to tap into a more diverse audience. Because sustainability is a hot topic, incorporating sustainable methods in your products or business practices will surely gain you brownie points in the market.

At first glance, evolving your company might feel like a big adjustment. It doesn’t have to be. Sustainability isn’t so complicated. We’re here to show you how.

1. Renewable Power Sources 

Renewable energy is a way you can save your business money and delight your market. This method is more appropriate for those who work on the move in some capacity. Perhaps you take your product or business and advertise at conventions or exhibitions.

You’ll find it easy to generate, harvest, and store renewable power with the top solar generators. Think power on the move, and paired with a solar panel to harvest your electricity, your power will be free of charge. Your stall will be completely eco-friendly. Make sure you’re full of juice and fully charged before you start the day!

2. Sustainable Sourcing 

It may be less expensive to source your workforce or product materials from overseas. But, according to top UK consulting firm Deloitte, consumers note how you source your products. Around one in three members of the public are said to have stopped buying from certain brands deemed as unsustainable.

A great way to learn more about sustainable sourcing and implement those practices into your business is to look at companies that have already made the transition. Sustainability usually involves a deal of local product sourcing. Check out how they find a balance between giving and taking from our planet.

3. Manage Your Waste

Did you know landfills saw 2.2 million tons of packaging waste in 2018? Packaging is a significant portion of waste that is not recycled or isn’t recyclable in the first place.

Many businesses have begun offering plastic-free refill options in response to the waste crisis. Granted, a significant purpose of plastic packaging is to use it for advertising. Some businesses may not opt for reusable material alternatives due to this.

However, the alternative is to advertise your sustainability, offering a completely new marketing route. We already know that many consumers today actively seek eco-friendly companies.

If you must sell your products in packaging, make them sustainable! Trimming down your waste will also save you money. You’re cutting costs by essentially cutting your packaging costs right from the supplier, especially if you offer a refill scheme. Utilizing eco-friendly custom mailer boxes not only reduces your environmental impact but also presents an opportunity to implement cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions, benefiting both your business and the planet.

Even better would be introducing a new income stream. Some of your waste might be someone else’s treasure! If anything is of value for a different reuse project, pass it on. We’re sure the locals will appreciate it.

Making the Change

Making fundamental changes to your unique business system is a big step. Although, we’re sure sustainable sources will be worth it, both for your planet and your pocket.

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