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Pinn is a Bluetooth-enabled, go-anywhere wearable clip that keeps you connected to your smartphone. 

With a built-in microphone/wireless earbuds and a convenient LED display, Pinn creates a world in which you never need to fumble through your purse or backpack for your phone. Pinn clips on almost anywhere for easy reach — jacket, bag strap, wristband, and makes it fast and easy to know who’s calling you. You can also read and respond to texts using voice commands, listen to music, or even use it as a selfie remote. Pinn’s alerts and noCficaCons are customizable using the free companion app.

Technical Specifications


•           Directional Characteristic: Omni-directional

•           Frequency Range: 100Hz ~ KHz

•           Output Impedance: 450Ω @ 1 kHz


Audio Specifications

•           Impedance: 16 Ω at 1 KHz

•           Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz

•           Output Sound: 105 dB SPL +- 2dB

•           Speaker Impedance (DC): Receiver: 16Ohm

•           Loud Speaker: 8Ohm (700mW)

•           Bandwidth: 20 Hz~20 kHz

•           APT-X: High-quality Bluetooth sound audio codec (CD quality)

•           CVC: Clear voice capture and noise reduction


•           Dimensions: 22.5mm x 21.8 x 27.4mm (0.88″ x 0.85″ x 1.08”)

•           Weight: 4.59 g

•           Bahery: 25 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer

•           Charging Time: 60 min

•           Wireless: BT Classic 2.1

•           Wireless Range: 30 feet/ 10 meters



•           Dimensions: 21.69mm x 71.59mm x 15.47mm (0.85″x2.81″x0.6″)

•           Weight: 20.5g

•           Bahery: 80 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer

•           Charging Time: 60 min

•           Wireless: BLE 4.1

•           Charged Capsule Support: Clip docking charges

•           Charging Type: Standard Micro USB Connector


App Compatibility

•           iOS 7.0 or above from iTunes App Store

•           Android 5.0.0 or above from Google Play Store



•           Earbuds: PC Plastic

•           Ear-pads: Silicone Charging

•           Unit: Aluminum, PC Plastic, Urethane, Silicone



Pinn Team

Sean Kim | CEO & Founder

Since 2006, Sean has worked as an intellectual property specialist and serial entrepreneur. Prior to starCng Pinn, from 2006-2015, Sean was Co-founder and Managing Director of Crevent, Inc., an IP development and consulCng company.

More recently, Sean was Business Development and IP Consultant for DECA InternaConal Corp., where he created the Voice product concept for a Golf GPS company. Currently, Sean is a Business Development and IP Consultant for AQ CorporaCon, a Mobile Nearfield CommunicaCon Technology Development Company, where he also co-founded Anniver, a mobile interacCve digital signage plaiorm


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