Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Scanner Not Working, Fingerprint Lock Problems (Solved)

Samsung Galaxy S8 has one major design flaw: its fingerprint sensor is one the backside of the phone, besides the camera lens. It’s the last place anyone would expect a fingerprint sensor to be. But Samsung was forced to place the sensor here after its partner hardware company for Galaxy S8, Synaptics, failed to integrate the scanner with the screen. The best way to fix the problem arising from bad position of Samsung Galaxy S8 is to use the Iris scanner or the smart lock feature. This will give you a straightforward, state of the art way to unlock your phone.

Another way to easily use the Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner is to use a thing phone case. This case will clearly demarcate the boundaries of the camera and the scanner. This way, you will be able to clearly pinpoint and use the space and put your finger on the exact spot. Perhaps the best Samsung Galaxy S8 case to solve the fingerprint scanner issues and overall usage hiccups is to buy the Elago minimalistic, costs only $9.  You can also buy the Olixar FlexiShield case.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Not Working Problem

If your Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner isn’t working, you should immediately contact Samsung or the vendor from whom you bought the phone. Samsung will ask you to factory reset the device, but keep in mind that that won’t work. You should demand a complete device replacement or repair.

A lot of users say that their Galaxy S8 fingeprint scanner isn’t working as it should. Sometimes it doesn’t register touch, and sometimes it refuses to even work. In order to fix this problem, go to lock screen and security, and then go to secure lock settings and select the lock automatically option, and set it to on immediately. If that does not work, turn of the lock automatically problem.

If you factory reset your Galaxy S8, and your fingerprint scanner works, know that the problem is in the software. You can also try rebooting your device.

Some users were able to fix Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner not working by shaking and moving the phone physically and then trying to register the touch again. You should try moving and shaking your phone lightly in the air and then use the scanner.

Go to lock screen and security and then go to secure lock settings. Select instant or the time period that you need. If there is a time set there (let’s say 3 minutes), put it on instant.

Some other temporary ways to fix Galaxy S8 fingerprint lock problems is to disable the sensor, locking the phone, unlocking and enabling the sensor again.

Fahad Saleem

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