32Watts: World Class Aligner Manufacturing Facility in India

“Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together”, they say. This is indeed true for Render Wise Solutions, the parent company of India’s most popular clear aligner brand 32 Watts. What started as a Made in India startup to provide clear aligners at affordable rates to the Indian population, has now spread its wings far and wide to take high-quality aligners in different parts of the world. The company has treated thousands of patients successfully to date and provided uninterrupted services during uncertain times like the pandemic. As envisioned in its growth plan, the recent funding received by the company was used to set up its brand new manufacturing facility– one of the largest clear aligner laboratories in the country today!

The company’s recently set up manufacturing facility is a world-class aligner manufacturing facility that is at par with global standards including other clear aligner manufacturing facilities in countries like Germany and the USA. From the company’s earlier facility that had the maximum capacity of producing 200 trays per day, the new 32 Watts Aligner laboratory has the capacity to produce around 600 aligners per day. The increased aligner manufacturing capacity can help the company cater to the growing number of people who are opting for 32 Watts Aligners today.

The 32 Watts laboratory is ISO-8 clean-room certified. Although aligners are not sterile devices or products, we at 32 Watts still believe in manufacturing each tray in a clean-room facility and ship them to you with the highest level of safety. Once manufactured in these safe conditions, the aligner trays undergo UV disinfection and are immediately packed in medical-grade Tyvek pouches. Patients receive customized, comfortable, safely manufactured, accurate, and affordable aligner trays for their orthodontic treatment. The aim of 32 Watts is to spread electrifying smiles to all corners of the country and world but in the safest way possible.

32 Watts aligners have many advantages compared to other clear aligner brands available in the market today. With the company, laboratory and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based out of New Delhi, patients are able to seek clear aligner treatments at an affordable price. Patients can visit the 32 watts website to know the invisible braces cost in India.

Also, with the lab in India, the trays reach the patients within a week as opposed to six to eight weeks as seen in the case of other international aligner brands. The company is known for its simple process to begin treatment and offers constant support through its customer care team during the entire course of treatment. This can be attributed to its legacy of zero patient dropouts since its inception.

With a robust team working at the backend, a powerful lab equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment, and collaborations with orthodontists in most Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities, your chance at getting your dream smile is just around the corner. “All you’ve got to do is connect with us to get your dream smile, it is that simple!”, said an employee at 32 Watts!

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