Who Stalks Your Instagram Stories: Figuring Out Instagram Stories Viewers Order

Instagram Stories is all about flashy photos and videos. The platform is full of stalkers. And as insanely curious beings, we want to find out who viewed our Instagram stories. Ever wanted to find out who stalks your Instagram stories? Well, Instagram made is easy to find out who viewed your Instagram photos. Instagram shows you the list of all the viewers who saw your Instagram stories. But the real question is that in what order is this list sorted. Instagram stories viewer order has been a topic of much debate. Some say that Instagram viewer order list is based on the most recent views. For example, if Adam just visited your Instagram stories, the Instagram stories viewer list will have Adam on the top. Some say that the list is sorted on the amount of the visits.

A lot of social media experts did some experiments to find out Instagram stories viewers order. And it turns out that the viewers list is based on the number of visits. So the person you see on the top of the Instagram stories viewers list is the one who visits your stories the most.

The person on the top of the Instagram viewers list visits your Instagram Stories the Most

In order to find out who views your Instagram stories and who stalks your profile the most, open your story and swipe up to the screen. You will see a list of people and a number. This number represents the total number of views on your Stories while the list shows the name of the people who visited and saw your stories.

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