This Telegram bot calculates M-Pesa Fees for you

Telegram is one of those advance instant messaging apps that lets you interact with bots in a really satisfying way. On Telegram, you can find bots to tell you the weather, play games with you, search a hit song on YouTube for you among others.

All that is because Telegram has opened the platform to third party developers to come up with useful bots at their discretion. Kenyan developers too, have not been left behind on this scene. Already there are several Kenyans-created bots available on Telegram including:

Kenya Power bill query

Bot for polling

Now the Kenyan dev community has outed a Telegram bot that tells you M-Pesa transactions fees prior to transacting. Fees such as the charge for sending money to a registered M-Pesa user, or one who is unregistered, charges for withdrawing money on a graduated scale. This bot service could be useful to individuals who might not be up todate with the most recent changes in M-Pesa transaction tariffs.

The bot is being developed by Ongair headed by Trevor Kimenye. The bot also works in a simple way. Simply ask it, how much does it cost to send Ksh.$$$, and it will immediately show you the fees charged by M-Pesa to send that amount of cash.

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