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4 Areas of Content you can Repurpose


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The best thing about business content is that it can be used in so many different ways. You’re basically reusing the content you’ve already made and getting it out there faster than before. This helps your business get more value out of its investment and makes it possible to distribute it through different channels where it can reach a new, larger audience.


Putting a blog post you’ve written into a video is a great way to reach more people who are already interested in what you have to say. It takes more work at first, but because of how many people use sites like YouTube, it’s a great way to get your message out there at first.

Once this content is up and ready to go, you might be tempted to share it as is, but don’t get caught up in sharing your new audio-visual work of art. Instead, take the video you uploaded to YouTube and break it up into smaller parts. These shorter video formats are great for posting on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and they can also be used as ads.

If the information you’re sharing is about a topic that your audience cares about, you might want to share the audio as a podcast. It’s crazy to think that you could get all of this information from a single blog post, so get creative and find ways to share it with your audience.

Social Media Posts

This is especially helpful if your business is on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can copy and paste the same thing you did on Facebook onto Twitter. Now you have two pieces of content, which is good, but let’s add a third. Take a screenshot of the Twitter post you made and share it on Instagram. People are always looking for this kind of content on Instagram, so use it to your advantage.

Take a screenshot of your tweet and post it on LinkedIn with some more information. LinkedIn likes it when people share images with more information, and telling stories is a big part of the platform, so make sure you tell a lot of them.

Electronic Newsletters

The world is a busy place, and just because your content is great doesn’t mean it will always get to your audience. Make a blog post you already have more conversational and to the point, and then turn it into a series of emails you can send directly to your mailing list. By doing this, you can still give your customers and prospects useful information without them having to leave their inboxes or search for it. To be clear, don’t put a link to your content in the email. Instead, put it in your newsletter and break it up into small pieces so it’s easy to read.

Blog Posts

The last piece of the puzzle is to update old blog posts to make them more relevant and use them in new ways. Many of your business’s high-performing blog posts may have hit the ball out of the park years ago, but as time went on, so did the performance of this content. This is because the information it contains is probably old and needs to be updated. By adding and taking away parts of your blogs, you can recycle your message with data and information that builds your authority and shows your audience that you’re always giving them something of value. Doing this gives you the perfect opportunity to recruit the help of the Embryo seo agency.

By reusing content, you can go in many different directions that are good for both your business and your audience. Just like with anything else you do for your business, you want content recycling to be successful. We’ve talked about the different things you should think about before deciding what to reuse and the different ways you can go about it. This will help you, but it will also help your team and the people who are listening to you. It’s a great situation for everyone involved.

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