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4 Awesome Laptops for Prime Gaming Experience

by Fahad Saleem

4 Awesome Laptops for Prime Gaming Experience

When it comes to gaming, I prefer dedicated platforms like gaming consoles. I’ve suffered a lot with the computers as far as smooth gaming experiences are concerned. There was a time I used to buy game DVDs, note the system requirements and attempt to make them compatible with my PC. I’d always upgrade, attempting to enjoy a few hours of smooth, lag-less, high-quality gaming sessions, only to fail.

Consoles like PlayStation and Xbox can be a prime choice for gamers, but gaming on a laptop can invoke nirvana and enjoyment, especially in this age of portability. I mean imagine yourself on the move, and your friends decide to have a COD multiplayer session. Then what? Grab the Xbox?

Using your laptop is pretty much a better option. So, we have rounded up four top computers for an awesome gaming experience that could almost compete with any console:

Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p: The Y400/Y500 series notebooks of Lenovo can be really handy when it comes to gaming. The benefit of having a Lenovo is its dual use for business and for gaming. The Y410p has an amazing upgraded 8GB DDR3L RAM, an i7-4700MQ processor, and a GT 755M GDDR5 GPU, a 24 GB Cache and an SSD. (Average Price: $1299; If you want to stick to the less-than-$1200 range, Acer has a colossal laptop with a Haswell ULT i5-4200U processor  and a perfect GPU at almost $595.)

gaming laptop -1

Gigabyte P34G Gigabyte P34G is the best machine that can handle the latest generation of games. The brains of this machine has everything to outweigh its outlook deficiencies. Specs shout a solid Core i7-4700HQ processor, a 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, and an AHVA (similar to IPS) 1920×1080 matte display, GTX 760M GPU and a secondary 128GB SSD to add to the perks. (Price: $1,400)

gaming 2

Clevo P150SM This is the first laptop I have stumbled across in my life that has such an amazing track pad.  You can play the heaviest of all the games on this rock star without feeling a bit of lag. Having amazing specs are a processor of i7-4700MQ, 8GB RAM, a 240GB Solid State Drive, 1TB Seagate SSHD, and a GTX 780M, this laptop is one of the best for the high-end gaming. (Price: $2,000)gaming laptop 3 MacBook Pro With Retina Display Seems like a counterintuitive option? No… at least not for Apple users. Gaming cannot be confined to one platform, folks. Thanks to programs like Bootcamp, you can run Windows on Mac and enjoy the games of your choice with very little problem. And add to that the advantage of an Iris or Nvidia GPU, i-5 or i-7 processor and customizable ssd and Ram, a MacBook with 15 inch retina display is perfect for gaming. (Average Price: $2,500-$3,000)

gaming laptop 4

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