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4 Best Payday Loan Alternative lenders in California

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Payday loans are an expensive form of credit. Yet, it is a sought-after option for an emergency short-term financial crunch. In California, lenders are allowed to lend up to $300 as a loan under payday with a maximum fee of $45. 

The average annual percentage rate stands at 372% with the maximum repayment term of 31 days, as per Attorney General, California. So, to meet your urgent cash requirements, a payday loan is a high-interest loan that may let you borrow some more loans to repay them further. And then, the vicious circle of borrowing loans starts.

Payday alternative loans from federal unions and cash advance apps offer a low-interest alternative to these payday loans. If you are looking for an online short-term loan, apply now!

In this article, we will discuss the 4 best Payday Loan lenders alternatives in California:


Compatible with both Android and Apple users, Earnin is a payday loan app that allows small borrowings against the next paycheck. Starting from $100 per pay period, it can go as high as $500. This app connects with your payday back account to auto-deduct the amount borrowed from your next paycheck.

At Earnin, you get your payday loan at a lightning fast-paced. You apply for a loan and it gets transferred to your account in just 1-2 days. Against exorbitant APRs in a payday loan, you can borrow here without any interest or fees. 


While Earnin caters to your small borrowing needs, at NetCredit you can borrow a bigger loan. With a minimum of $2,500, you can get a loan of up to $10,500.  

To cater to such high-value loans, they consider several factors besides credit score. If you are struggling with credit difficulties, they also offer financial education courses to help you handle such situations.

Even NetCredit is not charging any application or insufficient funds. If you decide to prepay, they don’t even levy any prepayment penalty.  However, compared to the personal loan lenders, APRs at NetCredit are relatively higher as they deal with the people having bad credits. 


Has it ever happened that you filled up your shopping cart online with the best deals and suddenly you found that you are short of cash? Klarna shopping app allows you to buy now and pay later with the participating online retailers. You also receive price drop notifications and exclusive deal offers.

You can pay in four installments within 30 days to 36 months. Before making a purchase, you have to link your credit card or bank account to your Klarna account. Before allowing credit, they will make a hard inquiry which adversely affects your credit scores. 


To get a small loan of up to $1000, MoneyLion is a good option. It also renders a chance to build credit. After getting a credit-builder loan from MoneyLion, your payments are reported to three major consumer credit bureaus. You need to get a membership of $19.99 to get a credit-builder loan from MoneyLion App. The highest APR at MoneyLion is still lower than regular payday loans.

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