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4 Hottest Upcoming Startups To Watch Out in 2015

4 Hottest Upcoming Startups To Watch Out in 2015

CNBC took the interview from the representatives of the latest startups at the TechCrunch’s Disrupt event. The hottest upcoming startups contain plenty of interesting stuff. One of the greatest things about Disrupt is certainly Startup Alley where entrepreneurs come to raise funds for their upcoming projects. Here are some of the revolutionary ideas revealed during the interview.

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It is a handy tool for creating apps within 24 hours, varying from simplest to most complex. The company provides an online editor for building your app. The services for designing, testing, and prototyping are offered for free. When you publish the apps, the company will charge you one time fee of $1000. You don’t require any programming or coding skills for creating apps

. You can upload your app anywhere you desire. The company will make sure that the app is compatible with the operating system for which it is designed. You can design apps for all popular mobile platforms.


The future upcoming company is hosting a mobile game in which you predict the results of matches in competition with your friends. You can set the price for the predictions. The users simply have to predict the Premier League match results and then win points based on the match odds. You can set the price in terms of money or anything else for your group. It is a simple and social game. You can play this game from anywhere on your mobile. You have to use Facebook for inviting your friends for game of prediction. You can challenge your group of friends for predicting the outcome of a game.


The startup launches a platform for broadcasting live video footages on social media. You can live your precious moments of life with your friends at the same instant. You can share videos from your PC or mobile on your Odience profile. It is a bit like Instagram, but hosts live videos. The people can see live what you are recording with your phone.


This is a wonderful service introduced by Akhil Aryan targeted towards website designers and bloggers. You will be able to add a store to your website of blog in just 60 seconds via OneShop. The company aims to invent the “Embeddable E-Commerce” technology. The algorithms of the company can easily adapt to any stylesheet for creating seamless flow. With the help of this tool, the bloggers will be able to monetize their websites.

The business in various fields of technology has gained serious momentum now, and it takes something innovative to stand out in the market in competition with other companies and startups.

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