4 Kinds of Degree Programs That Are Building More African Entrepreneurs

4 Kinds of Degree Programs That Are Building More African Entrepreneurs

With African countries working hard to industrialize and develop infrastructure, it’s become a widely known fact that the continent is now home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Behind all of this progress are millions of entrepreneurially-minded individuals who have strived to take steps that are advancing their communities and countries. However, if you dig even deeper it’s not the only the entrepreneurs themselves but also the online degree programs that have brought the opportunity for improvement to many areas that aren’t serviced by conventional educational institutions. More specifically, here are the four kinds of degree programs that are making the biggest difference in equipping Africa with more educated entrepreneurs:

1. Leadership

The ability to practice effective corporate leadership has always been a trait that entrepreneurs can benefit from. With so many industries facing exponential growth in Africa’s rapidly expanding economies, entrepreneurs who are equipped with leadership related credentials will have a competitive edge in all major job markets. Online leadership masters programs are fulfilling the need for the next generation of knowledgeable CEOs who will continue to pioneer African industrialization on a large scale.

2. Business Administration

Along the same lines as leadership programs, business administration degrees equip entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to competently manage a company. Earning a masters in business administration significantly increases the chances of succeeding in any business endeavor that follows. Looking beyond the benefits for entrepreneurs and into an employment-based perspective, there’s also a very high demand for MBA holders in Africa’s corporate sector.

3. Marketing

Students who obtain a degree in marketing are more likely to eventually become independent entrepreneurs than those who graduate from other degree programs. This is because marketing proficiency gives you the ability to attract sales, customers, and clients in any industry. Of course, these programs are also fostering the next generation of marketing agencies that will be needed to help African brands globalize and become large multinational corporations.

4. Finance

Finance degrees are increasing the overall financial competency of the average African business as advisory and consultancy services are becoming more accessible. Proper financial management is also improving critical business metrics such as profit and gross revenue for companies that would otherwise have a harder time budgeting without the assistance of a finance degree holder. Earning a finance degree not only makes you a more capable entrepreneur, but it also makes you a more appealing job candidate, especially for managerial or accounting-related positions.

Why Not All of the Above?

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs who specialize in multiple disciplines are more likely to succeed with their own businesses and are much more employable than those who only have one degree. If you’re going to be spending a couple of years of your life focusing intently on your education, you might as well get the most out of it. Someone who holds all four of the degree types above would be in an ideal position to land virtually any high-ranking job they’d like.


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