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4 Most Common Apple iPad Problems


Back on March 12, 2010, Apple decided to introduce its own tablet, the first iPad, to the general public. It featured an aluminum build, Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities, and an A4 Apple chip processor. You would also have been given the option to choose from 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB models. Now that it’s 2022 the world has come a long way with the latest models offering 5G capabilities, higher storage capacities, better display quality, and more. The iPads are now so powerful that they’re slowly being considered a secondary desktop device.

There are also more kinds of iPads now allowing you to choose between the regular model, the Air, and the Pro. You’ll find that all these offer a different experience and are targeted toward different kinds of consumers. For instance, the entry-level iPad is targeted towards students and regular tablet users as they’re simple, have adequate features and capabilities, and are more affordable.

However, you’ll find that the iPad much like other electronic devices may come with issues too. Some may be simple enough that you can troubleshoot them yourself. While some require you to have it replaced under warranty by Apple or have it sent to a Sydney mobile phone repairs or tablet repairs service provider.

If you’re reading this then chances are you’re either researching as you’re considering purchasing an iPad or you’re facing some issues with the one you own. To learn more about the common Apple iPad problems, consider reading the following list:

Stuck On Startup Logo

A common issue due to various factors such as the boot software, you may find that your iPad may end up stuck in the startup logo after restarting or turning it on after shutting it down.

Truly, this can be a very frustrating situation as you can’t recover any data or simply make any modifications to the settings to fix it. Unfortunately, if you can’t get past the startup logo after waiting for a while, then the next option would be to reset the device to factory settings which will remove all data on your device.

To reset your device, simply press the volume up, volume down, and the power button, consecutively. Upon pressing the power button, hold the button until the connect to iTunes message appears. From there, connect your device to your PC/laptop and follow the instructions.

Not Charging

Another issue iPad users often face is when their device doesn’t charge. Before considering consulting with technicians, ensure that both the charging adapter and cable are both fully functional. Furthermore, do your best to use original Apple charging products as the reason why your device might not be charging is due to third-party tools.

If you’ve tried these methods, and the charging indicator still won’t appear then consider bringing your device to an Apple support store or a repair technician.

Frozen And Unresponsive Screen

Another issue you might encounter is a frozen and unresponsive screen due to software or memory issues that set your iPad into a loop.

One solution worth considering would be turning your iPad on and off by pressing the power button and holding it. From there you’ll see the sliding option that’ll let you power off the device.

iPad iOS Wi-Fi Issues

Nowadays wherein the internet is a very important commodity to truly make the most out of your digital electronic devices, having a device that won’t connect to the internet can be frustrating. Unfortunately, this is another issue that iPad owners face.

When dealing with this issue, first check if the Wi-Fi settings are turned on in your device. Next, check to see that your router is working. Consider resetting the router by turning it off and on. If this problem persists, you’ll next have to restart your iPad by shutting it down and turning it back on as you did with the previous issue.


It’s crucial to understand the common issues that your electronics have as any device such as the Apple iPad will eventually come with its own issues. These may range from simple problems that you can troubleshoot at home to serious issues that can either be covered by warranty or require repair.

With the list of common Apple iPad problems above, you now have a deeper understanding of the issues that you may encounter with this device. This allows you to come prepared and understand how to resolve such problems. Consider this list to better understand what kind of action you should take with your device should you encounter any problems in the future.

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