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4 Quick and Easy Health and Fitness Apps For iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

4 Quick and Easy Health and Fitness Apps For iPhone

Who doesn’t want to lose those extra pounds to get in shape and raise eyebrows around town? If you’re a couch potato and find it extremely hard to leave the TV remote and snacks, you will have to give unhealthy habits a second thought if you really want to stay fit and meet that New Year’s fitness resolution we all make.

Apart from personal trainers, flashy gadgets and gym machines, there are digital resources that make it easy to keep you moving, thanks to the amazing applications available to give you the motivational factor you need. Yes! We are talking about smartphone apps. Here are 4 top apps—exclusive to the iPhone— that can help you remain fit, lose weight and meet your diet and fitness goals:

CountEat. Calories 

If you have a lot of weight to lose and need something to keep track of the calories you intake daily, CountEat. Calories is for you. It’s amazing app that estimates the average number of calories you intake in your meals. You just input the meal you are having, or you can select from the built-in database of thousands of meals, and the app will show you how many calories you are taking in. (Price: 99 cents)

fintess app calorie count


This one is my favorite. It’s a combination of an app and wearable gadget that syncs itself with your mobile phone. You can enter your height, weight, blood pressure, glucose level, sugar level and other physical metrics, and the app will recommend the best available fitness options based on those attributes. It will give you a diet plan, measure your calories burnt during a run, swim or cycling session and much more. It can really show you results if used in a nifty way. A complete personal trainer, Fitbit is and best bang for your buck. (Price: Free to $49 per year for Premium)

fitness ap fitbit app

Touchfit: GSP 

For all the muscle maniacs out there, Touchfit: GSP is your option, as it has a built-in database of hundreds of exercises with different kinds of ratings in types of exercises from cardio to muscle boosters. You can rate the exercises as easy or hard to learn, and the app teaches you about these exercises based on your performances, even offering a grade for your workouts. Some people can’t figure out how to perform an exercise properly, but Touchfit: GSP solves this problem. (Price: $6.99)

fintess app GSP turnout

Lose It!

You can easily track your calorie intake and burn ratio with this app. It monitors your exercise distance and shows you the progress in the form of reports and interactive graphs. You can also calculate calories by giving food names. (Price: Free)

fintess app lose it

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