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4 Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra Tips That Will Improve Your Life

by Roveen

Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra is one of the best phones out there and is one of Samsung’s all time best-selling phones.

The S22 Ultra took the place of the Galaxy Note, as it came with an S Pen when it was released. As one of the most advanced smartphones that we have then, it makes sense that the phone will come with very many useful features which can make using the phone a lot easier.

Below are some tips that can make your S 22Ultra usage easier.

Torch Brightness

To increase or dim the brightness of your torch, scroll down the Quick Settings panel at the top of your screen and locate your Torch/Flashlight Icon. Then, tap and hold on it. The phone will open the flash. When you turn it on, it will give you an option of increasing or decreasing the torch brightness.

Quick Emergency SOS

If you are ever in an emergency and need to quickly dial 911, then you do not need to open up your dial pad and go through the process of dialing the number.

Instead, in the Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra, you can tap the power button five times and the phone will go into Emergency SOS and make the emergency call for you.

Remembering something for Later

If you are someone who is quiet forgetful and need to keep reminding yourself to do things, then the S 22 Ultra has got you covered.

Using your S-Pen, write what you need to remember on your screen. However, instead of saving it on the Notes app, you will tap on the Pin icon at the top right of the screen. It will bring you an option to ‘Pin to Always on Display’. Select the option and your reminder will stay on your Always on Display. This way, each time you look at your phone you will get reminded of what you need to do.

Shooting Videos Easier

If you always use your S 22Ultra phone to shoot videos (and why wouldn’t you? the Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra has one of the best phone cameras out there), then you can make the shooting easier in one simple way.

On the camera, go to Camera Settings then enable Tracking Auto Focus. This feature then enables you to select a certain image on your camera and it will stay locked on that subject.

However, this feature doesn’t work completely well when there are several subjects on screen so keep that in mind.

And there you have it, simple Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra tips to help your life better.

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