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4 Signs that you Need a Side Hustle


Side projects (side hustles) are a great way to make extra money if you have the time and emotional resources. Of course, you should always think carefully before grasping the next task – we told you how to approach this consciously. However, sometimes people are afraid to look for part-time work and miss out on outstanding opportunities. In this article, the essay writer will tell you how to know it’s time to look for additional projects.

You know that increasing your income will improve your quality of life

Of course, you can’t buy happiness with money. However, in a study published last year in the scientific journal Emotion, scientists found that:

  • High satisfaction correlates with high socioeconomic status;
  • High-income adults were 5 percent happier than others.

Of course, there’s always the option of cutting back on unnecessary things (take-out coffee is the most common example), but another option is to find a new income. The money you get for different projects can be spent on everyday expenses and education, and upgrading your skills. If you feel you have free time and energy, go for it.

Your current work doesn’t utilize your strengths

Sometimes routine tasks at work can frustrate us – we lose motivation to develop, get frustrated and look for something new. However, there is another way – to take on projects on the side that are satisfying. Even a good job at great companies leads us to burnout when management misuses our strengths. If you find something that makes you wake up smiling and inspired, however, it will be much easier to get through the routine of everyday life.

You don’t use what you learn at work

A considerable number of people study for professions that they won’t need at all later on. Of course, if you remember with fear and dread the years you spent at university, it’s best not to look for projects related to them. However, if you feel that you can apply the acquired knowledge in practice, do not be afraid to try and look for a part-time job in this field.

You are curious about digital nomadism

Of course, right now, you’re unlikely to be able to fly to the other end of the world because of the pandemic. However, it could be a good career option in the long run. Additional projects will provide you with a client base for the future, and you can safely consider options for your relocation. In such cases, it is always a good idea to have a portfolio of completed work.

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