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4 Tips on How You Can Take Advantage of Current Digital Fabrication Trends


A number of trends are at play in the digital fabrication market at the moment, so rather than sitting back and letting competitors gain the advantage, it makes sense to be proactive in your attempts to make use of them.

To help you out, here are some tips that should point you towards the best strategies for leveraging modern manufacturing solutions and technologies.


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Make savings by buying used equipment

You may feel like there is an insurmountable cost-related limit on your ability to access the latest fabrication hardware, but thankfully the buoyancy of the used machinery market provides the ideal way to get around this.

Ordering from a seller of used fabrication machinery means you can make your budget stretch further while also gaining access to the latest and greatest CNC kit which will be able to pay for itself many times over once it is put into use.

Harness e-commerce to reach new markets

Being able to fulfill the most complex and cutting-edge orders that clients large and small might place with your company is all well and good, but it will mean little if you are unable to effectively court and connect with customers.

This is where e-commerce is your biggest asset, allowing you to both engage prospective buyers on the platforms that they will be spending a lot of time with, as well as giving you the opportunity to check out what tactics competitors are using so that you can either follow suit or sidestep their mistakes.

Bolster safety & consistency with modern solutions

The more complex the designs you want to create, the greater the risks not only to operator safety but also fabrication machine integrity.

Luckily there are software solutions and digital platforms which can alleviate many of the traditional strains and stresses of this process, in effect by centralizing the knowledge base for given designs and processes, as well as automating the majority of the interactions so that safety can be improved and wear and tear minimized.

Being able to download machine tool configurations which have been tried and tested by others is also a big time saver, and reduces the need for constant calibration or trial and error on your part.

Reduce downtime via integrated troubleshooting tools

CNC machinery is not just more impressively automated and intuitive to use than older technologies when it is working smoothly, but also provides operators with more actionable information when something goes awry.

There is often talk of how a skills shortage in manufacturing will hamper industry growth over the coming decade, and while this is certainly worth considering, it is also a hurdle which can be overcome as a result of the efforts being made by equipment brands to iron out the kinks through on-machine training and feedback.

Hopefully, you now have both the information and the motivation needed to take your fabrication business forwards using digital tools and trends effectively, rather than procrastinating and falling behind as a result.

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