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4 Ways Local Businesses Gain Competitive Advantage with Technology


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Technology is changing business operations and becoming essential for the success of every one of them. However, most entrepreneurs are still struggling with the kind of technology they need to use for their businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

The current business environment is forcing local businesses to adapt to the changing technology if they want to remain relevant and survive the stiff competition from their rivals. They also need this for them to access the ever-expanding market.

Advancements in technology have changed how businesses are run. In addition, technology has offered new and innovative solutions that businesses can use to streamline their operations and make things easier for their customers.

With such advancements, local businesses are left struggling with the solutions they should adapt and what they should do to gain a competitive advantage. Here are a number of ways local businesses can use technology;

Use of Innovative Tools

Technology has provided local businesses with thousands of tools for them to streamline their operations. When working on a project, a business might have its staff working on different aspects of the project. Some of them might even be working remotely.

At the end of the day, every team member needs to know what the other members have done or to even incorporate their work together.

This does not mean that they have to meet physically. Local businesses can use collaborative tools to ensure that team members can share everything that they are working on.

Those that are running bars and restaurants can use tools such as Untappd to prepare print, QR codes, or digital menus that can be shared with their customers no matter where they are. This opens the market for them, helping them gain a competitive advantage with technology.

Creating an Online Presence

If you look at any business setup, you will realize that a bigger percentage of the business’s customers spend a lot of time on the internet. Today, everyone is using the Internet when searching for information.

Similarly, customers are looking for businesses that they want to transact with from the Internet. This tells you that local businesses should not be left out when customers are finding other businesses online.

Local businesses should invest in websites and talk about things like what they offer, how they operate, and how they started to provide some form of credibility to their customers. Most customers will question the credibility and integrity of any business that does not have a website.

When building a website, local businesses need to make sure that the website is responsive, fast, easy to use, and adapts well to different devices especially mobile phones which are the most used devices among customers.

Digital Marketing

When reaching customers, most local businesses tend to use manual posters and print ads, something that reaches only a number of their customers. Technology has, however, freed them from this.

Local businesses need to make sure that their businesses are exposed to the internet. Apart from using their websites to do that, they can also employ effective digital marketing strategies.

This way, they can compete fairly with large businesses since digital marketing is way cheaper compared to print media.

In addition, technology has made sure that a large population in the world has access to IoT devices and the Internet. It means that it gets easier for a person to take notice of a local business somewhere through digital marketing compared to the print media. It’s preferable to use marketing automation solutions like bid management software to not only optimize your local marketing campaigns across several channels but also reach out to potential customers.

Tech-Savvy Employees

The employees in any business contribute a lot to the success of the business. Local businesses do not need to employ people who have to spend a lot of time training on how to use the tools used in the business.

During recruitment, local businesses should try to get tech-savvy people. This means that such employees will not spend a lot of time through the onboarding process.

In addition, such employees will be able to recommend the best tools that the business can use for its growth. This is important in helping local businesses gain a competitive advantage with technology.


In conclusion, local businesses should learn how to use technology tools to analyze their performance. They need to evaluate if their operations are bringing in money or spending their money.

Technology has made this possible through analytics tools that make the entire process easy. Local businesses should, therefore, invest in technology for them to gain a competitive advantage.

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